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  1. How to navigate a page in Symbian web apps

    Please any one help me out i want to redirect a page when i click login button,i was used widget.openurl("xxx") method. If i use direct website link means working fine otherwise if i will use small...
  2. widget.openurl() is not working for local file

    Can anyone please guide me i am struggling with this problem, i could not able to navigate the page by using of widget.openurl() method. below is the code



  3. Re: Unable to install .wgz file into symbian device

    i have created my self only using Nokia WDE tool 1.2 for symbian, tried many devices like S60 5th edition nokia C5-05 , 5320. could not able to deploy the file into device also.
    And Under the...
  4. Unable to install .wgz file into symbian device

    I am new to Symbian web application while install the .wgz file into the device i am getting feature not support message, please any one help me out.
    Lakshmi Priya
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    Symbian apps development With HTML5


    I am very new for Symbian apps development. I don't have any idea, how to develop Symbian apps by using CSS and HTML 5 which can support Symbian devices. I goggled a lot in order to find any...
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