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  1. Re: Garbled Emulator Text Rendering On Ubuntu 11.04

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    It seems like Web Simulator is written in QT. So I installed QT4 Config tool for Ubuntu and changed the theme and fonts settings.
    I feel that I am on the right track but unfortunately...
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    Re: Problem with Info.plist


    would it be possible to host the file on a different (private) server? Does anybody have the file which is missing?
  3. Re: How to check internet connection using symbian web runtime


    the system fires events if a connection is established or breaks:

    window.ononline = function(){alert("Connected!")};
    window.onoffline = function(){alert("Disconnected!")};

  4. Re: Garbled Emulator Text Rendering On Ubuntu 11.04


    I am not yet ready to let my beloved N8 go, so I still am developing wrt widgets :p.
    I know that all support goes into Windows Phone now, but still I would like to see this issue solved.
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