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    Re: Qt GameEnabler only low volume?!

    I will also add:
    Usually the volume by the GE mixer is ok. It might not be super loud on all environments, but that is rarely what people want. If they are in environment where lot of people are...
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    Re: How to get the dump of RAM?

    In practice it is not possible to do by a 3rd party developer.
  3. Re: Please give me code or sdk for In app Purchasing for symbian,c++ mobile applicati

    We will check the dead links.

    Good luck!
  4. Re: sending live recored video to web browser at a time recoreded by nokia mobile ca

    This is a very complex topic and needs a very skilled software developer to pull off.

    I do not understand what you mean by "How shall I begin to obtain my targets."?
  5. Re: My app luancher icon isn't displayed correctly

    Actually what usually is the best option, is to save SVG 1.0 - not "tiny".

    What you could do, is download trial version of Adobe Illustrator, open your file there, and then save in 1.0.

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    Re: Reg sound problem in QT

    Ok, the PRO file definition is the problem.

    What you are doing now, is trying to install your sound files TO imaginary "C:/QtSDK/CycleBoy/CycleBoy/sound" directory.
    Then you are trying to open...
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    Re: Reg sound problem in QT

    Did you read my comment above?

    Do not try to use .qrc files.
    Include the files in the PRO file. Then run qmake and check the .pkg file.
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    Re: In App Analytics in Qt Apps for Desktop ?

    Nokia Developer site only provides solutions for the mobile side. There is no In App Analycs provided by Nokia for desktop side.

    You can search in http://qt-project.org/ for more desktop oriented...
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    Re: Reg sound problem in QT

    Most likely the path is wrong.

    You should verify from the *projectname*_template.pkg that the file is actually getting copied.

    It is possible that the sound file is infact not copied to sounds/...
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    Re: My Lumia 800 developer device screen issue

    Sort of off-topic, but you can run easy currency conversions (as well as other conversions) by going to www.google.com and then type to the search field "300 SGD to eur".
    You can try the same with...
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    Re: Pureview advanced camera API

    There are no special API:s available for 808. The newest camera documentation is for Qt, but has some Symbian native elements:...
  12. Re: Nokia Smart Installer stay in "preparing installation" forever

    Do you have network connection working?
  13. Re: The downloaded (from ovi store) application version not Playing sound

    One guess would be that you have hard coded the private path to be C: drive. Nokia Store installs the App by default to the mass memory.
    Would this be the case?

    You can test this when running the...
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    Re: To develop an application for N9 and N900

    Although, if you only use these as constant "magic numbers" (don't change them), you should use them as #defines too.

    #ifdef N900
    #define MY_U 18
    #define MY_V 31
    #define MY_U 20
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    Re: To develop an application for N9 and N900

    It is because they are out of scope. You have determined the scope with { }. Just leave them out and it works.

    #ifdef N900
    int u(18), v(31);
    int u(20), v(35);
  16. Re: How to show big message using CAknInformationNote

    Pooja is right. CAknMessageQueryDialog is a good option for this.
    Example of usage can be found, for example, here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/How_to_select_and_show_a_landmark
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    Re: Can't build for Symbian

    The "vendorinfo" line is the problem. It should not be there.
    If you haven't manually added it there, see if you have something related to that in your .PRO file.
    Also I suggest you update your Qt...
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    Re: To develop an application for N9 and N900

    Yes. Except remember the hash (#) mark before ifdef in your .cpp file. You can use these #ifdefs in .h file too.
  19. Re: Changing price: users have to pay again on update?

    I have not heard of such functionality. Since clearly this was not your intention to do, it must be either a bug or communication problem from the store publish side. Please contact them directly via...
  20. Re: Content metadata: No more localization for release notes?

    Hi Johnny!

    To get your issue solved, you should contact the publisher support via e-mail. They will be able to help you much faster that way.
  21. Re: "Nokia 808 Pureview" not automatically added to the device distribution list?

    Since 808 has different hardware, they wanted to play it safe. They want you to first check it out and then add the device. After this they will test your App on the 808 and verify it works.
    But you...
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    Re: Making a game with WRT

    I would strongly suggest for not making games with WRT.

    I suggest you either take a look at the Flash lite support, or if you intend this to not be your last game, take a look at the some ready...
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    Re: How we capture * key in symbian c++,

    I can't remember the key code immediately. How I have done this, is add logging to print the receied buttons. Fire up the App, click the key dozen times and read the log.
    But perhpas someone can...
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    Re: Nokiaappwizard app for self-use only

    Unfortunately there are no offline versions of this. You could search for guides for how to read RSS feeds in Qt application. It might be easier than you think ;)
  25. Re: System error -21 when creating a database file in private folder

    You should make a #ifdef to check if you are running on emulator, and in that case you would always use C: drive.

    #ifdef __WINS__ // In emulator, always use C drive
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