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  1. Third party icons and Anna icons for Symbian 3 using carbide.4.1

    Hi guys i ahve a problem when desiging a theme under carbide 4.1 using Symbian Anna style for Symbian 3 platform after making the necessary changes on the backgrounds etc and using the basic aNNA...
  2. Re: please help me. how to remove 'blank background' if i use carbide 4.0

    Hi can anyone help me i am creating symbian 3 themes using carbide.ui 4.1, the prob is when i design themes on Symbian Anna and create a package ,and try it on my Nokia N8 the theme does not show...
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    Hi pals am new to Nokia publishing and am finding a bit of difficulties so would appreciate if some one could guide me or send me a link where i could find the information i am hunting for,
  4. support web site for publishing nokia themes.

    hi guys , can some one help me as i am lost i tried to make some themes as a hobby and share with others on ovi but i have so far encountered 2 hurdels for publishing , what kind of support website...
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