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  1. Installing Maemo SDK+ on a 64 bit system.

    I don't seem to be able to find much here about Maemo. Am I in the right place?

    I seem to be having a bit of trouble installing the Maemo SDK+.
    I have a 64 bit system, which is what basically...
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    Re: Symbian on PC

    About time someone answered!
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    Re: Symbian on PC

    I understood the question. I hope to see that happen. Linux started off as an i386 operating system, and it has been ported to ARM, MIPS, Sparc/Ultrasparc, DEC Alpha, PowerPC, and so on. When the...
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    Thank you.


    I must have missed that. I was looking for it
    in header files.

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    Direct Screen Access in 60 Series

    I downloaded a document from Symbian called
    "Implementing Direct Screen Access".

    It has example code in it. I have added the example
    code to an empty application that I generated little
    step by...
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    RE: This is how you connect to 7650 PC Suite

    I don't know about the 6310. I tried one briefly yesterday in
    my Java Midlet programming class, and I couldn't even get a
    midlet loaded into it using IrDA and the PC Suite. We gave
    up and I let...
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    This is how you connect to 7650 PC Suite

    I will probably get flamed or tons of questions for
    posting this, but I found a way to get a large variety
    of Bluetooth adapters to work with the 7650 Suite.
    The key is understanding how the 7650...
  8. funny 7650 behaviour when connecting to BT serial port

    When I make a connection from my PC to the 7650
    BT serial port, which it advertises, it does the following:
    (I use HyperTerminal to connect to COM5, the client port and
    a 3 COM PCMCIA card)

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    This is a fix in the Widcomm Bluetooth software.
    It doesn't have anything to do with Nokia.
  10. RE: 7650 connection through Bluetooth Serial port ?

    Check what Widcomm version you have.
    Widcomm's latest version is
    I have seen some Bluetooth USB adapter
    companies bundle versions as old as
    (see my post below) A com port...
  11. Experiences with different PC Bluetooth adapters


    I have been trying lots of different Bluetooth adapters,
    out of personal and Symbian interest. Here is what I have

    1. Anycom USB Bluetooth adapter:
    Got it to work with the...
  12. Remote debugging for 60 Series SDK, is it vapourware?

    Nokia gives very elaborate instructions how to set up remote debugging using gdb.exe. It explains that I need a program called gdbstub.exe installed on the device. The 7650 does not have it in the...
  13. RE: Which Bluetooth Device is compatible to the 7650

    The Anycom USB Bluetooth adapter supports the following with the 7650:
    - Synchronization with 7650 PC Suite
    - fax
    - dial up networking
    It says that it supports the Bluetooth serial port profile,...
  14. How to Open BT com port in app, use BT com port in other apps?

    Is it possible to open a Bluetooth com port in a more complex
    program that can discover and all that, and then use the com
    port in another application. So far I don't see how. The
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    What processor is in the 7650?

    I need to find out what processor is in the 7650,
    preferrably without having to open it. Is it an
    Arm7? I want to write an app to watch it to see when it is in
    power saving mode, asleep, or...
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    RE: Nokia 7650 & Dongle

    I have an Anycom BT dongle. I initially couldn't transfer any
    files with Bluetooth. Anyway, here's how I got it to work:

    After I installed the 7650 PC Suite, I
    got an extra icon in my icon tray,...
  17. Printing text to Bluetooth com port and viewing in terminal in PC

    I would like to make an application, based on the examples
    in the 60 Series SDK, with which I can print text from the
    phone to the Bluetooth com port and view the text in
    the terminal program on...
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    RE: Bluetooth, 7650's and Audio

    Technically, one could probably write an application that would
    support Bluetooth audio. The audio link uses the Bluetooth
    Com port, according to what I read in the specs from
    Bluetooth.org. The...
  19. Am I missing something? Trying to use "bmconv.exe"

    According to the instructions in the help, I should be able to unpack an Symbian .mbm file into the bitmaps it came from. So I took
    a few bitmaps and tried it.

    I tried this with the clock.mbm...
  20. RE: 7650 third party application installation over internet

    Also by a multimedia message it is possible to install programs.
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    resource for editing "applications.dat"

    In the 60 series SDK, in the directory:
    there is the file "applications.dat"
    This file holds the information as to what "directories"
    are on the...
  22. RE: Which phone has processing environment and RS232 interface ?

    With the 7650, you can use the IrDa interface. It "emulates"
    RS-232. You can get an RS-232-IrDa adapter for your device or
    wire IrDa directly into your device.
  23. Creating a desktop folder in 7650 and installing SIS files to show there

    I have an application that has been built and tested in
    the Windows emulator, and has also been built and tested on a 7650 via a SIS file.
    When I made the sis file and put the name of a new
  24. "Graphics" example in 60 Series SDK missing "images.mbg"

    In the "Graphics" example in the 60 Series SDK, when I try to build the application, it claims there is a file missing called "images.mbg". Where can I find this file?

  25. Error codes (application closed ViewSrv 11)

    Where can I get information about Symbian's various
    error codes, specifically in this case:
    "App. closed flat ViewSrv 11" (flat = name of program)
    This happened on a Nokia 7650.

    The program...
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