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    Graphics and other environments

    I, developing a game for different platforms. The characters are 16 only pixels. They look good on 3650 but they need to be scaled down to 12 Pixels for Sharp GX10.

    Rasterising a character that...
  2. PNG - with transparency


    I should have typed png images with transparency.

  3. Is that a definite?

    Hi jareilly,

    Thanks for the response.

    I was under the impression that Series 60 phones use some of the built in Nokia APIs. Hence I compiled using the Nokia classes. Using :

    javac -target...
  4. 3650 posted a few weeks ago but still no joy

    Previous post is below: All files are available at http://www.netsima.co.uk/midlets/sample.zip - If anybody can get this to compile and run on a 3650 Nokia phone then please let me know. If you live...
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    3650 How to debug / solve problem


    Still a newbie unfortunately, but getting there.

    Problem: I have an application which I have built using the Hawk example applicaton bundled with the NDS. I have figured out how to compile...
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