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  1. Re: Launching a 3rd-party Trusted Java Midlet on Nokia 6630

    If you are using obfuscate then try not to use it, sometimes it can give problems
  2. Re: in s40 theme how to change life tool icon..?? it is possible ?

    in S40 there is a way on non-touch products to change menu icons, however you will have to be a product provider
    there is a special way in which to tell the themes feature to lock the icons to...
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    Tool for helping analyzing s40 theme files

    I would have liked to attached a tool I made - it helped me when I was head of Theme S40 Architecture - the tool is called ThemeAnalyzer

    It helps with showing the elements of a Theme file ".nth"...
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    Re: Free Videotone Player Released

    link does not work !!!
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