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    Font Issue

    I have a application with a custom screen that contains labels and edit windows.
    I obtain a font with a TFontSpec.iHeight value of 140. The problem is that on a device like the N80, it displays...
  2. Re: Setting Item List messed up in landscape mode

    I discovered that this issue only happens with numbered setting lists. When I changed my list to use the EAknSettingPageNoOrdinalDisplayed flag, it handled the landscape mode properly.
  3. Setting Item List messed up in landscape mode

    I have an application that uses a CAknSettingItemList. When I run the app in landscape mode on a N95 device, the setting item list is messed up. The text of the values are not lined up with their...
  4. Re: Receiving SMS messages via sockets

    How did you get this working for 3rd edition? I can't find the value KSMSAddrFamily defined anywhere in the header files of the SDK.
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    Re: SMS Submit Report

    Still looking for an answer...
  6. Re: bring an exe foreground when there's an incoming call?

    Does anyone have an answer for this thread?
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    SMS Submit Report

    When you send a SMS-SUBMIT message to a Service Center, you are suppose to receive a SMS-SUBMIT-REPORT. Does anyone know how to gain access this report? I can get SMS-STATUS-REPORT just fine but...
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    SMS Replacement Support

    Does anyone know any Nokia phones that support the replacement of short messages? This functionality uses the "Replace short message type n (n from 1...7)" value for the TP-Protocol-Identifier...
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    SMS Validity Period

    How do you use CSmsMessageSettings::SetValidityPeriod() to set an absolute validity period (validity period format is set to ESmsVPFSemiOctet)? CSmsMessageSettings::SetValidityPeriod() takes a...
  10. Re: Setting List Display Problem (Numbers Missing)

    Oops, that should be Nokia 6680 instead of 6800. Also, I am passing the EAknEnableSkin flag to BaseConstructL() in my AppUi's ConstructL() method, but the numbers for the setting list are still...
  11. Setting List Display Problem (Numbers Missing)

    I have an application that uses Setting Lists with the flag set to use the numbering style. I build it using S60 2nd Edition FP2. On a Nokia 6600 (OS 7.0s), the setting list is displayed properly...
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