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    Re: Theme Studio 3.1 not creating themes

    try unchecking all the sections (backgrounds, icons etc) and export one section at a time, and re-export one each time until you tick the box that causes it not to build. once you know which section,...
  2. Re: Help with Tab Indicators in N70 + Carbide Ui

    Can you select these images within the theme tool? if so find out what their logical name is it'll be some rubbish like pducs_dfhtrn_cinc.svg.

    Go into the folder that holds your red theme data,...
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    Re: S40 background problem

    main menu tab > menu icons sub tab > scroll down, tab view background.

    hope this helps.
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    Re: implementing fonts and icons

    Its more likely that this is possible for a series 60 device where you can expose the file system, however you won't be able to contain this information within the theme file itself.

    Fonts are not...
  5. Re: Themes with portrait and landscape modes supported?

    to make the image work in both landscape and portrait, try using SVG graphics. the original image for background is 320 x 320, this square image is cropped to view different sections when in...
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    carbide 3.1 animated layers not working

    Hi there,

    Trying to use some of these new layer effects in the new theme editor without much luck.

    Have managed to add layers and effects and get theme animating in the editor, but they won't...
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