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  1. hi

    I complied and installed your code into my Emulator and even my Phone (7650). And your code played sound very successfully. So I wonder if you used wrong Emulator? Have you ever installed your code...
  2. You should declare some variables as global ones...

    You should declare some variables as global ones (not local).
    If they are local ones, maybe they are destroyed after the function returns.

    InputStream tune;
    byte buffer[];
    Sound sound;

  3. The file "punch1.wav" should be in the directory...

    The file "punch1.wav" should be in the directory "D:\WTK104\apps\racing\res" ("D:\WTK104\apps\racing" is the default directory of your MIDlet application).
    The number 3590 is the size of...
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    You can't . Because S60 JVMs enables playing only 1 sound files at the same time. By calling Sound.getConcurrentSoundCount(int type) , you will receive the value "1".

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    I think it is impossible to create new file on phone ?
    If possible, where do you store it ? Is it enough memory for you to do that ? However, you could read or write data into phone in terms of...
  6. hi

    Thanks a lot.
    It took me a lot of time to find out if we could play polyphonic sound on 7650 or not, but everything seemed to be unsuccessful. Although 7650 specification says that it supports ...
  7. hi

    Yes, I did. It seemed to work properly and easily. I am not telling a lie !!! Maybe I found out some troubles when changing the location of variables declaration.
    When using LOCAL variables, maybe...
  8. Hi

    I really don't know why your code was not working ?
    But try my code. I have 2 mobiles : 7650 (series 60) and 6610(series 40). I tried to install my code and they all seemed to work properly with...
  9. How to play POLYPHONIC ringtone on series 60, especially 7650

    Please help me how to play polyphonic ringtone on 7650.
    I played monophonic ringtone and WAVE sound on 7650 successfully. But polyphonic sound seems to be secret. Please help me where to load the...
  10. hi

    Is this code OK ? Do you want play WAVE or ringtone sound ?
    This code is reserved for WAVE.

    InputStream tune;
    byte buffer[];
    Sound sound;
    tune =...
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