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  1. Re: BUG in Symbian^3 "Advanced VoIP Settings"?

    Got the -certainly somewhat surprising- solution here.
  2. Re: SIP VoIP 3.x Settings: bug with STUN port entry (5 digits)

    Agree would be nice to be able to configure also 5 digits. Suppose your provider is SIPGATE and uses "stun.sipgate.net:10000". Instead you might also use STUN with usual stun port 3478:...
  3. Thread: mobile voip

    by imagomundi

    Re: mobile voip

    What's your reason to use "mobile voip" and not the native NOKIA VoIP client? I had (some months ago) problems,too, with mobile voip and reported all the issues to the developper. You can eysily...
  4. Re: BUG in Symbian^3 "Advanced VoIP Settings"?

    Thx for this quick reply. Before digging deeper one more simple question just for evaluation of my observation: Is the observed behaviour "normal" and "general" in N8 setting up VoIP services in S^3?...
  5. BUG in Symbian^3 "Advanced VoIP Settings"?

    Using NOKIAs VoIP Client since an E65 some years ago up to use this service in an N86 and now the N8 I observed this strange behaviour when setting up a new VoIP service:

    Unfortunately the...
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