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    Re: AnimaLogic: Web Runtime game example

    Hi jappit,

    the game looks very nice and polished, I enjoyed it :)

    Maybe you could speed things up a bit by selecting a piece first and then just using cursor to point the direction this piece...
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    A bug in the example 'Keypad' widget

    There is a bug in the example 'Keypad' widget linked from Web Developer's Library here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/Web_Developers_Library/GUID-D060584C-1C2B-431E-87FD-99C1CBE425FF.wgz
  3. RE: bug in Series 40 emulator for Graphics.drawImage?

    Well, Series 40 emu 0.1 seems buggy for me as well.
    I have problems with Graphics.setClip, it just doesn't seem
    to clip at all. That emulator thing ignores it successfully.

    I suppose it would be...
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