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  1. Re: probleme in send email from j2me application with the use Mail4Me

    Even I am getting the same error!! Class Message not found..Plz tell me how to include mail4me package into the j2me application?
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    Re: send mail from j2me application

    Hii am new to J2ME..Plz help me..I want to develop a J2ME application through which I can send Email with attachments..Plz provide me with some codings and all the stuffs related to this application...
  3. Re: Tracking down bug in Content Access API (C++)

    I'm using the VB.NET "PIMNavigator" sample in the v3.2 Connectivity API package.
    I am having problem saving MMS in PC...Everytime am trying to save a mms an error is coming as follows:

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