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  1. Re: Do rms database of phone and emulator is to be saved in a diffrent way?

    Manpreet .
    You should understand RMS is not a part of the jar file , its a mobile database .
    It is not in any manner similar to MYSQL database where you take the dump on one system
    load that on...
  2. Re: What are the possible device exceptions due to which data is not displaying on de

    As far as i know there wont be any change with respect to RMS from emulator to phone . Please check whether the rms is getting created
    in the phone you can browse the file system and can search for...
  3. Re: Do rms database of phone and emulator is to be saved in a diffrent way?

    There is no change from emulator to phone w.r.t RMS . The RMS works the same in both the cases.
  4. Re: saving files using fileConnection API - not working

    check this link
    also unless you add the setHidden property true there is no point that the file will be hidden...
  5. Re: How to extract specific data from xml format data in j2me??

    Check out the link
    hope this helps you in resolving your issue
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    Encryption of data in j2me

    Hi ,

    I am trying to implement encryption in j2me . I have used the code snippet given in the below link
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    Re: Background image of a form ..

    which is this form you are speaking about ? is this the form of a High Level UI .Or you are using any sort of framework ?
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    Re: hide platformRequest prompt

    Unless untill the application is signed , for sure you will get the popups thrown out by the device os .
    The reason is that unless you sign the application by a trusted CA . The device considers the...
  9. Re: Uncaught exception java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: HelloMidlet: com/sun/lwuit/eve

    Right Click the properties of the project -> go the java build path -> go to the Order and Export tab - > select the lib added - > checkin the lib
    This solves your problem . Or directly include the...
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    Re: platformRequest() w/o user interaction?

    As far i know platformRequest action purely depends on the OEM and nothing can be done for suppressing the popups that are thrown out by
    the OS at the platform level.
  11. Re: How to hide/remove title bar of LWUIT form?

    Check for the theme file there if you are using any image for title , try to remove the same from the theme . I guess this should resolve your issue. And in my apps i have done unless i set any title...
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    Re: LWUIT Form with multiple Components

    Check your entire code once again . Lwuit will not allow any component to be add twice to a container . Even form is derived from container
    so if you are adding the component to a container make...

    I used the jazz lib for j2me and able to generate a zip file .
    The steps i followed is
    1.Create file connection object
    2. ZipOutputStream zos = new...
  14. Thread: LWUIT FORM

    by venky2810


    Not able to understand you question completely . Can you be a bit precise and clear so that anyone can help out solve your problem
  15. Thread: LWUIT Tabs

    by venky2810

    Re: LWUIT Tabs

    Even though you add the list the onfocusGained and lost methods the component you get is radio button it is not a list (considering the way you added the tabs) try to use this tabs.getSelectedIndex()...
  16. Re: Display battery status bar though running LWUIT developed application on S40

    As far i know we cant show the device status-bar wen a j2me application is running (not even in LWUIT). You can try to
    display a dynamic image(different images for different levels) from your...
  17. Re: unable to display unicode values from text file

    Did you go with the same process they mentioned in the link? . Are you able to create a res file using the java code they mentioned?
    If yes then did you try with the same method mentioned for...
  18. Re: unable to display unicode values from text file

    Hi Nilesh,

    Here is the link
    this shows how to do localization in j2me . I have tried this with hindi in my...
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    Re: About Write Text File In J2me

    Always it is good to write the connections related code written in a separate thread , be it is related fileconnection or networkconnection and so on.
    Taking the same code mentioned in the link...
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    Re: Persisting Data

    Hi S.A.Norton Stanley,

    Depending on the requirement the way to store data differs.If the scope of the data is for the life time of application (i.e installation to uninstallation ) then you can go...
  21. Re: Opening native TextField On Clicking - LWUIT Framework

    Thanks for the reply , will check with the mentioned lib .
  22. Re: Opening native TextField On Clicking - LWUIT Framework

    Hi bandarap,

    . If i am not wrong you understood the question in a different way.I am speaking about the VKB provided by LWUIT not the native device keyboard (VKB provided with OS).
    Let me know in...
  23. Re: Secured web api not working on series 40 devices

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for the reply
    Agreed that the application should be signed . But i found on other OS that there is a option of accepting a self generated certificate through the java code .
  24. Opening native TextField On Clicking - LWUIT Framework


    I am using LWUIT Framework to develop the GUI of my Application . I have used the LWUIT TextField
    in all my Screens and it works fine .Now when it comes to TouchScreen devices there is a...
  25. Secured web api not working on series 40 devices

    Hi ,
    I have a Client installed on the device that consumes the web apis from a server app .
    It was a normal http url exposed in the beginning so it worked in all the devices without any issue....
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