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  1. Nokia Qt SDK Simulator and maemo5 Hildon style

    From documentation
    "Qt application should look and feel the same as a native Maemo 5 application (Hildon style)."

    Why programs don't use hildon style in Simulator. They say simulator is for...
  2. Re: richtexteditor landscape - scroll not visible

    For scrollbar visibility you may try this.

    void CNotepadAppView::SizeChanged()
    TSize s;

  3. CEikGlobalTextEditor::RunFindDialogL() (Feature not supported)

    Has anyone been able to use find or replace dialog in global text editor, in 3rd ed.

    It says (Feature not supported -5) Both emulator, and in device(N73).

    I couldn't find anything from SDK help...
  4. Replies

    Re: Memory Full Problem

    Reason for install failure might be that you entered only one number.

    right format for this field is: Committed,Reserved
    Try this

    Committed can't be smaller than reserved...
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