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    Re: Does socket.bind() work?

    I have been having the same problem. Anyone knows a solution to this?

  2. How to test applications on series 60

    So I have been writing some scrips that I want to test on a series 60 phone. Is there a way I can do it without going through the Symbian Signed process? Can I somehow get registered as a developer...
  3. Are certain ports only allowed in Series 60 phones?

    I am trying now to run an echoserver program in python on series 60, and using random ports. The phone directly refuses to allow incoming connections. Is this because most(or all) of the ports on the...
  4. Invalid argument error, why's it happening?

    I am trying to get an echoserver running on my N80 Nokia cell phone,
    that uses "python for s60".
    What worked:
    I ran echoclient on the phone and echoserver on my Powerbook and it

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