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  1. S60_2nd_FP2_MIDP_SDK Loading time is far too big

    The emulator.exe from S60_2nd_FP2_MIDP_SDK pack is loading for 25 seconds before it starts to load my Java application. It's too long to wait every time I want to test my app.
    Is it possible to...
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    and what if DEBUG_PORT=3999, and you're...

    and what if DEBUG_PORT=3999, and you're connecting bugseeker to port 3044? Does it really work? Or am i severely missing something?
  3. Nokia_3300_SDK and ints integration with Eclipse

    I've got a copy of Eclipse installation, working on my computer, but Eclipse was not installed by its installator. Therefore Nokia_3300_SDK_1.0.0 doesn't display any options for integraring with...
  4. Nokia_S40_DP20_SDK_6255_1_0_installer refuses to install itself

    Nokia_S40_DP20_SDK_6255_1_0_installer.exe pops out an error message saying that (translation from my native language) "There's an error Windows 3 while loading VM Java"
    and the window is called...
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