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  1. Creating a package with multiple projects in Carbide


    I'm helping to develop an application in Eclipse that is made up of two projects within the Eclipse Package Explorer.
    Essentailly one project is for frontend code, whilst the second project...
  2. Re: Help improving framerate on Nokia N80 using JSR184

    Ciao Calzada,

    Thank you for your replies.

    I have already wrote a piece of code similar to urs to gather vertex/polygon info. Its very useful, although I found that it only works on phones that...
  3. Help improving framerate on Nokia N80 using JSR184

    Hi everyone,

    Im in a real mess with this project :(

    Im making a 3d tennis game using j3r184 and im having real issues with the frame rate, it sits at around 5 fps, when I test it on a Nokia...
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    bug in JSR-184?


    Im currenlty developing a benchmark program to measure differing M3G files running through the JSR-184 framework to be displayed on screen.

    Unfortunately I've hit a slight problam where...
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    JSR-184 clipper


    Im looking into the performance of the JSR-184 api, specifically how many polys being per frame.

    Problem is that the clipper seems 'hidden' from the programmer, I have an idea how many...
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