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  1. Push Notifications for Windows Phone Application

    Hi Nokia Developer Community Members,

    I am currently working on a Windows Phone Application that uses push notification functionality. As a Backend to send toast notifications i have build a...
  2. Re: Sqlite for Windows Phone 7.5 Select Query Help

    did u find where I went wrong?
  3. Re: Sqlite for Windows Phone 7.5 Select Query Help

    you could download the project files and look at that library. I am not sure which one I am using. Bcz this is first tym I ve been using sqlite in wp7.5
  4. Sqlite for Windows Phone 7.5 Select Query Help

    Hi ,

    I have been trying to use SQLite in Windows Phone 7.5 Project. I am able to insert data in Sqlite Database but my not able to get back the data using Select Query. Could you please help me...
  5. Re: Internet Not working on Windows Phone 8 Emulator

    I mean emulator.
    to be precise windows phone 8 emulator. When i run the same application in windows phone 7.1 emulator in vs express 2012... I am able to use internet capabilites of my application.
  6. Re: How to pass objects from one page to another in widows phone 8

    you can use public class to store objects and object sharing concept could be used to share objects among different pages.
  7. Thread: URL decoding

    by Harneet

    Re: URL decoding

    download this http://htmlagilitypack.codeplex.com/ and look at its method. best way to parse html
  8. Re: Change ApplicationIcon.png on the fly - Secondary Live Tile for WP 7

    to create secondary tile on click.

    ADD to include section

    using Microsoft.Phone.Shell;

    Put the following code in click event handler

    string tileParameter = "wifi "//Replace...
  9. Re: VS 2012 does not list devices or Emulator to start application in

    Device option works with ARM type and not x86.

    Hope that might help
  10. Thread: Image change

    by Harneet

    Image change

    Can anyone out here help me out ?

    I want to change the image on click of button can anyone provide me the source code or steps of doing that?
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    Re: Assertion Failure Error in new Asha SDK 1.0

    Which Operating System are you using ?
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