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    Clipped ClientRect()

    Hi All,

    I use the following code to draw a gray rectangle on the screen (it's just an example to demonstrate the problem, in real I need more advanced UI over a skinned background):

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    Re: CEikLabel::MinimumSize()

    The right formula will be

    TSize(iLabel->MinimumSize().iWidth, iLabel->MinimumSize().iHeight + iLabel->Font()->FontMaxDescent());
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    How to create a Destination (SNAP)?

    Hi All, I was searching for a while here in the forum, in the wiki and in the SDK help for the info how to create programmatically a Destination (SNAP) that is a prioritized list of Access Points. I...
  4. Re: Is it still a requirement to be able to install the app on the MMC?

    Response from Symbian Signed test house: (not official of course)

    Indeed there is no requirement about where the application should be
    You're free to do as you want.
  5. Is it still a requirement to be able to install the app on the MMC?

    once upon a time there was a requirement in Symbian Signed Criteria, that the application should be able to be installed also on the memory card (MMC). However now I don't see such test cases...
  6. Thread: WSERV 3 panic

    by mrtj

    Re: WSERV 3 panic

    Just another cause: I've got this panic when I called ActivateLocalViewL two times on the same view before it was activated. This is possible even if you check the ID of the currently active view...
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    RConnection Open vs. Close

    Hi All,

    I was thinking (actually this information is needed to my work :) ) what is the relation between RConnection::Open and RConnection::Close? I understand that you have to use Open() before...
  8. Re: Multiple socket over the same connection interface

    Thanks for the exhaustive clarification of this issue, I'll come back with the results!
  9. Re: Multiple socket over the same connection interface

    Ah, so I should interpret this "don't call the asynchronous Start (or any other asynch function) simultaneosly twice on the same RConnection object"?? Well, this stands for all asynch event provider,...
  10. Multiple socket over the same connection interface

    Hi guys, I have a quite complex networking application, where different components needs to communicate with different servers at an arbitrary time. Now, I would like to open a network interface only...
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    Re: RSubConnection problem

    If somebody is still searching for RSubConnection API and found this article this way, see also this article.

    In short: RSubConnection is currently not supported by Nokia phones.
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    Resource file compilation order

    Hi, I have an annoying problem regarding to the resource file compilation order. I have two different resource files, say first.rss and second.rss and the second one is supposed to use some resources...
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    Re: Allowed to access paid services?

    May I ask what has happened? :-)
  14. Re: Text wrap for CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem?

    yes, meanwhile I checked the source code and as the settings page (thus the actual listbox) is created and destroyed fully in EditItemL(), from outside you'll have no chance to modify the listbox....
  15. Re: Text wrap for CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem?

    Hi, I would be also interested in the answer: is it possible to add marquee to the items CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem? Unfortunately it has little to do with list boxes (or at least I did not...
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    Re: Volume UP/Down capture and Key Lock

    Hi, this is an old thread however I would be still interested in the solution of the very same problem. If you want to disable the touch screen during a VoIP call, you can use the RAknKeyLock2 API,...
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    Re: MIF file problem under 5th Edition

    I found the cause of the problem. In 3rd edition you had to use svgtbinencode.exe to convert from the textual svg files into binary ones. On 5th edition SDKs this tool is not present any more because...
  18. Thread: use of nokia logo

    by mrtj

    Re: use of nokia logo

    Hi all, sorry for heating up an old thread but I am still interested in the original question - can ISVs use Nokia and/or Symbian logos in their marketing materials? Now even s60.com does not exist...
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    Re: Anybody could mute the ringing tone on 3.2+?

    Thank you for the response. Actually I am developing a VoIP application and to conform TEST 4 of Symbian Signed Criteria...
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    Anybody could mute the ringing tone on 3.2+?

    Hi All,

    I need to mute the ringing tone of an incoming voice call on 3rd Edition FP2 and 5th Edition devices. Does anybody has a _working_ solution?

    Please note that I searched attentively this...
  21. Re: RApaLsSession::MatchesSecurityPolicy() returns KErrNoMemory

    Hi, thanks for the answer. Here's the code that I use:

    _LIT_SECURITY_POLICY_C1(KPolicyUserEnvironment, ECapabilityUserEnvironment);

    void WriteAppInfoToFileL()

    // this function...
  22. RApaLsSession::MatchesSecurityPolicy() returns KErrNoMemory

    Hi, did somebody tried to play with RApaLsSession::MatchesSecurityPolicy()? For me on the device (E71) all calls to this function returns -4, KErrNoMemory. Note: I wrote a 6k console app to test it...
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    Re: CSD incoming call number

    Hi mtc95172003, I've got your message but could not answer.

    It is possible to get the remote party's number for incoming CSD calls (before answering them) also on S60 3.x with the etel multimode...
  24. Re: How to get the capabilities of installed applications?

    Thanks for the replies. Does this work also for executables?

    It is told here quite often that instead of some concrete question let's share the generic problem what we want to solve. So, I would...
  25. How to get the capabilities of installed applications?

    Hi, I would be interested in the capabilities of the (3rd party) installed application. I found TFindProcess and RProcess::HasCapability() for determining which capabilities a running application...
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