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  1. Re: Supressing Connection Active or hold Global note

    No Dear,

    The issue was not resolve at that time.

  2. Re: Conference not working in 3rd edition fp2 devices

    Hi Keerthi,

    did you get your issue resloved. I am facing same issue in FP2 Devices.

  3. sip Authentication issue in sip invite on 3rd edition fp2and 5th edition

    Hello All,

    I am facing this issue in 3rd edition fp2 (E75) and 5th edition (5800). The same code is working fine on fp1 devices.

    I am developing a voip client.I am sending register and my sip...
  4. Re: Can I connect to WLAN (WiFi) with SIM less device?

    yes you can.

    The device will simply ask you to connect to wifi in offline mode.
  5. Re: How_to_handle_call_events_using_CTelephony_FP1

    Your code seems to be fine.
    Sometime when dialing a call fails iStatus contains some error msg. Which is not handled
    the code. Issue might be in other threads as well that you are talking about....
  6. Thread: memory leak

    by jugnoyasir

    Re: memory leak

    As iStatusArray is a RpointerArray array, any pointer appended to it should not be
    delete without being removed from RpointerArray .
    Better way for releasing resources is to use...
  7. Re: How_to_handle_call_events_using_CTelephony_FP1

    Please provide your code snippets so that error can be found if any.
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    Re: how to set the application unvisible

    If you could explain your requirement it would be easy for people to
    share useful information with you.

    Meanwhile you can try your application without any window and CBA buttons.
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    Re: how to implement RTP on BlueTooth WLAN

    Hello Jaya

    RRtpSession::OpenL() from nokia RTP/RTCP API, (which is provided in sdk plug-ins) takes sockets as parameter.
    You can try by provide to open bluetooth socket to the API. I have not...
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    Re: About wlan access point!

    Please provide more information as your problem is not clear.
  11. Re: Error: undefined reference to `__ARM_switch8

    Quick correction.

    It is ABI in place of EBI in my previous post.
  12. Thread: VPN in N78

    by jugnoyasir

    Re: VPN in N78

    Hi Digish,

    Pls make sure the you device is having VPN Client in it.

    See if this thread help you.

    Take care dear :)
  13. Re: Error: undefined reference to `__ARM_switch8


    Yes, Due to bug in GCCE compiler, it somehow does not include the library which is should have

    "My understanding is that, under Symbian, the drtrvct2_2 dynamic library
    should also provide...
  14. Re: Error: undefined reference to `__ARM_switch8

    Hi Amit,

    I am using MR release only.

    As for getting update for compiler, where can I get the update for GCCE compiler
    because I am building it with GCCE compiler which comes free with the...
  15. Error: undefined reference to `__ARM_switch8

    Hi All,

    I am using third party static libraries. I am trying to build the project on S60 3rd edition editor using GCCE build.

    I am getting
    "undefined reference to `__ARM_switch8"

    I have...
  16. Re: launching an application failed in second time

    pls Give more details.
  17. RRtpSession (Symbian RTP API) on E61 not available?

    Hi All,

    I am trying to develop an RTP application, i decided to use Symbian RTP API becoz i do not want RTCP in my application. On emulator the application is running fine but when I put it on...
  18. Developer certificate and OEM's permission.

    Once we get MMDD from OEM for a Deve-cert, can we generate additional Deve-Cert using the same permission?

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    CSip::NewL Crashes

    Hi All,

    I am working on a sip application. Things are going fine but at one senario
    CSIP* CSIP::NewL ( const TUid & aUid, MSIPObserver & aObserver) crashes.

    The senario is :-

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    Re: Connect to internet via GPRS problem

    check this link out i will help you.

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    Re: Connect to internet via GPRS problem

    You can suppress the IAP selection dialog that comes when you try to open a gprs connection for the first time. R u using HTTP client APi for GPRS connection or you r using socket APIs?

    Pls go the...
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    missing .prep.def file. in codewarrior

    Hi All,

    I am porting a project from 2rd edition to 3rd edition which contains a dll and an application. I did the necessary changes required for 3rd edition. No capability is required.

    I tried...
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    Re: DLL loading: KErrCorrupt


    Did u sloved this problem, i am having same problem. i am using codewarrior to compile my dll and my exe. When i am trying to load my dll it is giving
    me kerrcorrupt.

    If u have sorted...
  24. Supressing Connection Active or hold Global note

    Hi All,

    I am writing an application which establises a GPRS connection. When a GSM call become active, Packet data connection(GPRS) is put on hold and a Global message dialog pops up informing us...
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    CAknSearchField search criteria.

    Hi All,

    I am creating a listbox with findbox using CAknSearchField on a container window. Every thing is fine only when I enter a character in the find box
    it updates the listbox items and show...
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