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  1. How to upload the Image from server & local in lwuit symbian

    Hai Friends,
    How to upload the image from local machine and server in lWUIT symbian j2me.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Twitter Login page using lwuit symbian

    How to create Twitter login page in lwuit symbian application.please share your ideas.

    Thanks in advance
  3. how to retrieve login data from facebook login page using lwuit

    Hi Friends,
    Good Noon. I am integrating facebook app with my application.In that page i need to login the app through facebook. My doubt is that how to retrieve login data(username...
  4. how to create facebook login page using symbian lwuit java

    Dear Friends,
    Very Good Morning.I am developing one application using symbian s60 v5. I need to login via facebook application. How to integrate facebook application for symbian...
  5. Re: How to check whether the file already exists or not in Symbian Lwuit

    FileConnection fconn = (FileConnection)Connector.open("file:///c:/Data/Images/SESSION_ID.txt",Connector*​.READ_WRITE); if (fconn.exists()) { } else{ } fconn.close();
  6. Re: How to Create and Store the Text files in Symbian Lwuit

    Thank you for your help petrib
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    Re: s60 sdk 5th edition emulaor error

    I found the solution for above question which i posted.

    Right click on the project--->Build path-->configure build path--->Java Build path ----> Order and export ----> check the jar file
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    s60 sdk 5th edition emulaor error

    Good afternoon Friends,
    I am using s60 sdk 5th edition emulator for developing application symbian. I try to execute the emulator. But it shows the error message like this.please rectify this...
  9. Need s60 sdk 5th edition emulator download link

    Hi friends,
    Please send me the download link for s60 sdk 5th edition emulator.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. How to Create and Store the Text files in Symbian Lwuit

    Hai Friends,
    Am developing an application using Symbian Lwuit component s60 v5. I have to create text files and Store that text file in symbian lwuit at run time. If any idea...
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