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  1. Re: How to slide the UI-screen depending on virtual keyboard?

    Qt should handle this by its own. You only have to enable split screen input somewhere in your code, which is disabled as default:...
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    Re: QtPrinter in Symbian

    I think it would be easier to send the html code to a server on the internet, render it to a PDF there and download it to the phone.
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    Re: Problem saving a video from an http request

    I think transcoding a video on the phone isn't very useful, because it would take ages to finish, because of the very limited processing power.
    To transcode it on a server, have a look to FFmpeg.
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    Re: Problem saving a video from an http request

    .MP4 is just a container. If you create the files by yourself, you have to use a compatible codec with compatible settings. If the files are from a 3rd party place, you have to convert them.
  5. Re: Simple way to have sounds with volume control

    I use Phonon to play music on my player app. Volume control works most of the time (has some small bugs).
    But Phonon may not be the best solution for your app if you need an exact timing to play...
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    Re: My first WP7 app

    Sounds good, thank you for your positive feedback.
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    Re: My first WP7 app

    Cool, well done!

    What was your experience using the Microsoft development tools, was it easier or harder to finish/publish your app in comparison to the development tools from Nokia for the "old"...
  8. Re: updated app has new languages, how handle "works for all languages"?

    If i'm right, as long as your app supports at least English, you can check "Works for all languages".
  9. Re: Congratulations to Wizard_hu_ the Poster of the Month for August

    Well done Wizard_hu, it's always a pleasure to read your informative posts.
  10. Re: Nokia Store is charging for the app updates?

    Maybe the customer has created a new account/login in Nokia store instead of using his existing account.
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    Re: Does symbian 3 support QT phonon lib?

    I use Phonon with success for Symbian^3, Anna and Belle targets, but only for local files, not remotely located ones. Don't know if it works or not.
    Maybe for you it's better to use QMediaPlayer...
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    Re: Ovi reports not working?

    My revenue in August is also very low compared to earlier months. But i don't know what the reason is, a technical problem, or because many people are in holidays these days and don't buy apps.
  13. Re: Looking for Symbian-specific documentation of Qt classes

    You can put this line to the constructor of your app to enable split screen text input:
    QCoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_S60DisablePartialScreenInputMode, false);

    And this include is...
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    Re: Reg sound problem in QT

    I also use Phonon, because i had much less trouble with it than using QMediaPlayer.

    Maybe there's a problem with the path to the media file. In my code i do something like this:...
  15. Re: Symbian Belle device as a Car-PC? Touchscreen supported by USB OTG? Calls via HDM

    If the touch-screen identifies itself as a normal keyboard/mouse (HID), then it should work also with the N8 and USB i think. I didn't try it using USB by myself, but over Bluetooth it worked...
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    Re: Sounds in symbian

    Is this bug also relevant if Phonon is used instead of QMediaPlayer? Sadly i don't own a Belle FP1 phone yet and the RDA doesn't seem to support audio, so i'm unable to test it by myself.
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    Re: can not record the sound

    I also had some problems using paths, because Symbian uses a '\' as separator and Qt uses '/'.
    So i would try this path instead: QUrl::fromLocalFile("E:/mysound/background.wav")
  18. Re: Single sign-on using Nokia Account - from THIS WEDNESDAY!

    Just went through the process and it worked flawless to log in and to join the accounts.
  19. Re: Samsung is now FIRST mobile manufacturer worldwide!!

    Well, we'll see. At least as long as i own a Nokia phone by myself and sales of my apps are up more or less, i'll still work on that platform because i like Symbian and Qt.
    But finally it's the...
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    Re: End user support

    Same problem here. Some customers don't understand how to use my app and instead of reading the documentation/manual, they give a bad rating and i don't have a chance to give them a feedback to sort...
  21. Re: Content metadata: No more localization for release notes?

    Ok, i'll contact them directly. Thank you
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    Re: Nokiaappwizard app for self-use only

    I think there's an RSS reader built into the native Nokia browser, so you don't need an extra app for reading RSS feeds.
    But it may be a bit tricky to subscribe to the desired feeds because it's not...
  23. Re: Testing a Symbian application across different locales

    Hi Jimmy

    Have you tried RDA (Remote Device Access)? There are some devices with special languages.
  24. Content metadata: No more localization for release notes?

    Good day

    I updated an app and on the screen where one can write the content metadata, there's an issue with the localized "release notes".
    It seems impossible (since the last time i used it) to...
  25. Re: No access to F: (the memory card) on Belle FP1

    Ok, i was able to fix my app.

    These paths work if i construct the strings by myself:

    What doesn't always work on Belle FP is "QDir::separator()"! Sometimes...
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