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  1. Re: Is Symbian target available in Qt SDK for Linux?

    petrib: I'm familiar with all that, but the website I referred to in my post seems to imply the opposite.

    Can somebody post here some confident answer (maybe some Nokia representative)?
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    Re: How do I develop for S60 5th ed.?

    Thanks, I was looking exactly for this information.
  3. Re: Qt Remote Compiler authentication does not work

    It looks like Nokia is simply ignoring developers. With that approach no wonder its market share is shrinking...
    Sorry for flame but I also spent some time to make RC work under both Windows and...
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    Re: How do I develop for S60 5th ed.?

    OK, but why do I have the "S60 5th ed." toolchain listed in Maintenance tool if I can't do anything with that? What's the purpose of the toolchain?
    In addition, I also found some device .sis files...
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    How do I develop for S60 5th ed.?

    Hi, I'd like to make my Qt-based application available for S60 5th edition-based phones. I realized I have S60 5th edition toolchain installed on my PC as a part of Qt SDK:...
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    Re: Kinetic scrolling on QListWidget

    I'd be interested to know that too. I assume you know QWidget-style UI programming is not recommended in Symbian Belle, you should rather use QML + Qt Quick. But sometimes you may still prefer...
  7. arbitrary order of C++ access specifiers (bug in SDK?)


    I recently had a pretty hard time figuring out what was wrong with my app. When it started, instead of showing its main window it was invisible, so user was just presented the Belle home...
  8. Re: Handle green OK key on virtual keyboard (Belle)

    Thanks for the link.
  9. Handle green OK key on virtual keyboard (Belle)


    I'm having trouble creating action for the green OK key - http://imageshack.us/a/img89/3650/okkey.png when a QLineEdit instance is in focus.

    I realized that returnPressed() signal isn't...
  10. Re: on-device debugging stops while my app is running

    I apologize, I realized I had a bug in my function base64toInt(), so the member variables of ie were not assigned any meaningful value.
    However, I still don't understand why the watch window...
  11. Re: Qt Creator reverts my Code Style Settings after restart

    Hi Andrea, I messed with Qt Creator settings somehow and now I realize the problem is gone. So I prefer not to upgrade since I'm afraid of getting some other problems.
  12. on-device debugging stops while my app is running


    I'm trying to debug my app, which crashes suddenly. However, on the following code the debugger is behaving weirdly:

    IndexEntry DictEngine::readLineIE()
    QStringList strl =...
  13. Qt Creator reverts my Code Style Settings after restart


    I use tabs instead of spaces in my code, so I created a corresponding code style named "Qt (Copy)". I have selected this profile both in Tools - Options - C++ - Code Style and in Projects -...
  14. QMainWindow's menu bar not visible on Belle


    I'm having trouble getting the Symbian Belle menu bar with arrow on the left and pop-up options on the right. From the documentation it seems that it should be enough to add actions to...
  15. Looking for Symbian-specific documentation of Qt classes


    I'm starting with Qt Symbian development while already having some Qt experience on Desktop. I managed to write and run a simple Qt application on my Symbian Belle based phone (Nokia 700). It...
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