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    And can you please do not write all in upper case?

    Its considered screaming and usually something to avoid on discussion boards.

    Thank you.
  2. Re: Integrate Nokia Camera app with another WP apps

    The way you interact with the camera app is by using the CameraCaptureTask.

    This will take the user to the default camera app on the system, that will allow the user to take a picture and revert...
  3. Re: I have succesfully parse the xml url and able to show the channel images in the l

    Ok... thats quite simple. Whats your issue in particularly? Have you even tried to design that layout? What issues have you found?
  4. Re: Animation Windows Phone Draw Random Circles on screen

    Can you give us a overview on your level of knowledge of Windows Phone? Hoe much experience do you have? What can you do and where do you have more difficulties? Do you have background on any other...
  5. Re: SQLite Exception in WIndows Phone app in C#

    You need to seperate each field with a coma.

    Try this:

    var tp = dbConn.Query<Task>("update task set Date= '" + dpkDate.Value.Value.ToShortDateString()
    + "', Time='" +...
  6. Re: I have succesfully parse the xml url and able to show the channel images in the l

    Can you make a drawing please? I'm a bit confused.
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    Re: Capture DNG/RAW with WP 8.1

    I understand but its not yet possible. Perhaps a good suggestion to add to UserVoice? http://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/110705-dev-platform
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    Re: Capture DNG/RAW with WP 8.1

    As far as I know thats not possible currently to capture using DNG format. The only way I can think of is that you use the native camera app for that instructing the user to change its settings to...
  9. Re: Feedback : Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8

    Thank you Matt, for the update :)

    Can you share the code you changed?
  10. Re: while parsing the xml file in windows 8 os uisng vs 2012 pro using wp 8 sdk for w

    Try this:


    and this:

  11. Re: Nokia Original Imaging Effect Wiki Challenge Starts Now

    Really cool participation. Looks like a lot of contributions on the last segment :)
  12. Sticky: Re: Congratulations to Lee McPherson, Wiki Contributor of the Month for June 2014

    Congrats Lee!
  13. Re: Licensing options and platforms for MixRadio API

    I'll try to get someone to answer your questions.
  14. Re: Licensing options and platforms for MixRadio API

    Have you check this? http://dev.mixrad.io/terms.htm

    Also recomend taking a look here for remaining documentation: http://dev.mixrad.iol
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    Re: RDA and Universal apps

    Will try to get someone to get us an official answer on this.
  16. Re: Lumia 620: driver not found and kann't deploy application.

    Hi Rb Maxx.

    If you are a developer and you plan on pursuing that career I would strongly recommend that you get a MSDN subscription. If you are a student you can get one for free with Dreamspark....
  17. Sticky: Re: Congratulations João Cardoso, Poster of the Month for June 2014

    Thank you everyone! :)
  18. Re: The whole Imaging SDK doesn't work for me !!!

    Hi BarBoko,

    This is a community ans as such we would greatly appreciate that you could provide us with more input on the problem you had and how to solve it. By doing so you will help with both...
  19. Re: Switching from Trial/Paid-Version to In-App Purchases

    How a about downloads? Can you give us an order of magnitude?
  20. Re: Congratulations to Hamish Willee, February 2014 Wiki Contributor of the Month

    I can't think of anyone more deserving.

    Congrats Hamish and thank you.
  21. Re: Some 3rd party Rich UI Mobile controls for Windows Phone 7

    There is a good article on our Wiki with tools, libraries and sdk's: http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/Toolkits_and_Libraries_for_Windows_Phone
  22. Re: adding appointments to default calendar programatically

    I didnt tested it or even tried it yet but you may try the public Web API to access live services. If the user has the Calendar in sync with the phone account that should work in theory:
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    Re: Set time to load webservice

    Can you explain why it does not work? Any error? Can you show us?
  24. Re: How to jnstall a XAP file already built or creatad into Windows phone emulato

    GTO_India: If you are still unable to take the screenhots, do this:

    - Run your app on RDA or emulator
    - While running it press the Print Screen key on your keyboard (may be named differently on...
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    Re: How to make lockscreen app ?

    I find it strange that apps that access private API are published on the market. Perhaps they are using a technique that does not violates the certification process?
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