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    This is actually the support site for 3rd-party software developers. If you plan to create new applications for Nokia products, you will find tools, documentation and help here. However...
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    Re: Nokia S60 Emulator

    Symbian downloads have been moved to the wiki page http://developer.nokia.com/community/wiki/Symbian_C%2B%2B#Symbian_SDKs.
  3. Re: Any Idea on porting Android app to windows phone App

    Microsoft has some porting guides: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/hh394031(v=vs.105).aspx.
  4. Re: Hardware capabilities of Lumia phones headset connector for NXP Quick jack DIY

    I was reading http://www.nxp.com/news/press-releases/2014/05/nxp-unveils-smartphone-quick-jack-solution-transforming-audio-jack-into-multi-purpose-self-powered-data-port.html and later the FAQ from...
  5. Re: Hardware capabilities of Lumia phones headset connector for NXP Quick jack DIY

    When experimenting, make sure that the connector configuration is properly set. Those signals are simple audio signals, there is no magic involved in the entire design. The thing seems to have a...
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    Re: New 3D printer on the market?

    My opinion is that the device is just pretty and it may also work well. However as they are shipping the first batch next month, actual 3rd-party usage experiences hardly exist. I also like that it...
  7. Re: Hardware capabilities of Lumia phones headset connector for NXP Quick jack DIY

    I do not see any obstacles. The entire thing is about using simple audio I/O for data, without special hardware support. For the connector layout, see...
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    Re: Lumia 920 unresponsive buttons

    Bring it to a Nokia Care Point. While you can certainly look around on the end-user support discussion boards, at http://discussions.nokia.com, it sounds like a hardware issue.
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    Re: Push Notification API not working

    I am not familiar with the topic, but as the Wiki article explicitly mentions the requirement of adding that version setting to config.xml, I can imagine that it contains/implies a lower version by...
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    Re: whatsapp Error

    Hi, this site is about support for 3rd party software developers. If you plan to create new applications for Nokia devices, you will find tools, documentation and other resources here.
    There is an...
  11. Re: How do I retrieve custom marker coordinates in HERE Maps API for Javascript?

    Just a side note, "var 123 = ..." will not work in many programming environments. 123 is usually considered being a number, which represent a fixed value of 123 and thus can not be set to anything....
  12. Re: how to get current latitude and longitude without net/wifi

    The specification page, http://developer.nokia.com/devices/device-specifications/nokia-asha-502 indeed tells that the device has CellID and WiFi positioning only.
    (Positioning methods are listed in...
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    Re: Porting Emu48 to S60v5

    TFileName is actually a TBuf<256>, so it can store any text up to 256 characters.
    The interpretation of TFileName is described somewhere in the docs, in short there are 3 optional parts: a drive...
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    Re: Conversion of List to IFilter !

    List, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6sh2ey19(v=vs.110).aspx, stores a list of items of a single type. Adding a new item happens with its Add method. As your List<IFilter> happens to store...
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    Re: Swipe control in Windows phone

    Good guesses can help in forming a valuable discussion.
  16. Re: how to get current latitude and longitude without net/wifi

    What device are you testing with?
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    Re: Backup Nokia Developer Wiki

    Speaking of mirroring tools, http://www.httrack.com/ may be worth consideration too.
  18. Re: I can't show a 'Wait' screen when I need to wait for a thread to be finished

    It is the join. UI in Java ME (both LCDUI and LWUIT) is built around an event dispatcher. It dispatches events one by one. Showing new Displayable-s is just an event, it does not happen immediately,...
  19. Re: Lumia 620: driver not found and kann't deploy application.

    1) due to the driver-related message it may be a good idea to look around in the Device Manager, and see what problems it lists. Copying files around may use a more generic USB driver than what is...
  20. Re: Can somebody please handle my paid technical support request i.e 00330217

    One can not be a complete beginner in a single thing, his chosen profession, for his entire life. XML parsing is XML parsing everywhere, there are around 3 approaches to do it (SAX/DOM/Pull),...
  21. Sticky: Re: Congratulations to Lee McPherson, Wiki Contributor of the Month for June 2014

    Congratulations Lee :)
  22. Sticky: Re: Congratulations João Cardoso, Poster of the Month for June 2014

    Congratulations João :)
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    Re: Moving from lcdui to lwuit

    You can find some introductory materials here: http://developer.nokia.com/resources/library/LWUIT/ (Resources above, Resource Library, LWUIT). There are also some Wiki articles here:...
  24. Re: cant start wifi acesspoint(infrastructure mode) when trying to make server

    As the page says: "-30180 - No WLAN APs matching the IAP settings have been found.".
    Infrastructure mode is about connecting to an access point (WLAN router, etc.), not about creating one....
  25. Re: Is it possible to create own driver to Nokia lumia Phones?

    It is complicated on multiple levels:
    - generic USB has an asymmetrical design, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB#System_design. It is already visible in the physical design, but it is also there in...
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