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  1. Re: Streaming RealMedia file is not working with BELLE .

    Thanks very much ; Your reply is very quick !
    I think it is défault internet browser issue .
    I build an other widget version for BELLE ...
    Belle is not very Beautifull .There are also ...
  2. Thread: streaminig widget

    by OEIL

    Re: streaminig widget

    Hello ,
    give me the streaming URL ( rtsp ) and i give you a simple widget .
    I have built a widget streaming radio and it is the same code .
  3. Streaming RealMedia file is not working with BELLE .

    Hello ,
    I have built a widget radio with some European radio channels . It is working for all Symbian^1 and S^3 +Anna devises LIke 5800 XM ...N8 or C7 Anna , but on my New Nokia 701...
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    SYNCH in OVI : port 443 is block

    Hello ,
    I use sync to OVI with a N95 8GO phone ; but i is not possible to synch in 3G or GPRS ; my provider is ORANGE in France , and i have an unllimited data plan .
    When i go in...
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