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    Re: Distorted widget icon

    gaurav2610 has it right. My 88x88 icon looked bad, I searched this forum thread to refresh my memory on past icon ugliness, and I redid icon to 64x64 and now it looks very nice on E71 device. Cheers
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    Hoffman Box DIY

    If you make a mobile java application with data calls to the Internet then you will probably discover the Hoffman box that was involved in some recent fails that I received as part of the...
  3. Re: BACK to opening WRT page after using redirect

    Hi Pit,

    I think you are correct. However, the right soft key still seems to be within the WRT environment as the right soft key with 'Exit' label so sweetly provides a useful exit. However, I...
  4. BACK to opening WRT page after using redirect

    How do I get BACK to the opening index.html page after redirect to a remote URL with function initRedirect()?

    With code below I can associate an "Exit" right soft key while displaying the remote...
  5. Re: top of screen SMS; bottom scrolling dictionary

    Hi Pit,

    I thought you'd say that :) and thank you. I'm already imaging the coding to create a single HTML document.

  6. Re: top of screen SMS; bottom scrolling dictionary

    Here is the WRT index.html:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
  7. Re: aboutView.removeControl(content01); WRTKit tip for novices

    Hi Pit,

    Thank you. I am rediscovering javascript thus my brain is partially understanding your 'alternative would be to create a ContentPanel instance at the beginning'--I'll look into this more....
  8. aboutView.removeControl(content01); WRTKit tip for novices

    Within the parameters of WRTKit I was creating an About page and noticed if the user clicked About on the softkey menu more than once the About content kept on concatenating on the screen. Too many...
  9. top of screen SMS; bottom scrolling dictionary

    I would like to have in top of screen a small very simple text message maker and the bottom of screen a dictionary in scrolling window. User scrolls dictionary below for items/ideas to put into text...
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    Re: javascript random NOT random

    Thank you. This just what I wanted.

  11. Re: convert createRGBImage() to .png file and .....

    Thank you. Yesterday after my posting, I dug around the developer discussion boards and saw your several postings and pointers to the .png encoder. I share my final take on the several encoding paths...
  12. getSnapshot: E71 yes, 5310 XperssMusic no

    // maintains ratio of 640x480 * 3.2 =
    myjpeg = mVideoControl.getSnapshot("encoding=jpeg&width=240&height=180");

    works wonderfully to get me a usefully small image on Nokia E71 (that gets pasted...
  13. convert createRGBImage() to .png file and .....

    By mathematical formula I am painting an image by canvas method and successfully displaying, storing and retrieving the image.

    Using createRGBImage() I display the stored image.

    How do I...
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    javascript random NOT random

    function setFortune() {
    var currFookie = "fookie";
    var myFortune = new Array(
    "You are talented in three ways",
    "Idleness is a holiday for fools",
    ... there are 101 strings in his...
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    LBS Challenge

    Nokia is Global Sponsor of 2005 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge and I have proposed a game application that I would like to develop and deliver on a Nokia GPS/JSR-179 phone with a Nokia/GPS-friendly USA...
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    How to save drawn image on canvas

    I am drawing images with g.setColor and g.fillArc to canvas.

    How do I (Can I) save the drawn image using RMS?

    How would I turn that saved image into wallpaper?

    Nokia 3650, MIDP-1.0, CLDC-1.0...
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