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    JSR-179 System Architecture


    Am I right?

    If the customer want to use JSR-179 enabled mobile device and AP, the operator(carrier) need to setup their own equipment and send location data within the signal.

    So even...
  2. Is there any nokia mobile can support background midlet execution, like Sharp GXs

    Is there any Nokia mobile can support background midlet ?

    As I know, Sharp GX21, 31 and latest series can support
    background midlet, this mean we can build a Java AP to
    react incoming call,...
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    I had try CameraMIdlet(from forum nokia example)...

    I had try CameraMIdlet(from forum nokia example) on the Nokia 6260. Unfortunatly, it show \:

    Symbian OS error: -1

    I have no idea how to solve this.............
    Does anyone...
  4. Too real!!! how to prevent downloading JavaGame from Nokia Simulator?

    Hi, developers

    I had build a wap site contain JavaGame content. When I use
    Nokia wap simulator(emulator) to access this wap site and click
    the Java content, it do the download action as real...
  5. Why Nokia 6600 only can show chinese chatacter in Canvas but not for Form.

    I use the same chinese character to be drawed in Canvas and appended into Form. But 6600 only show chinese character in Canvas correctly.

    Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks a lot for...
  6. No Series 60 MIDP Emulator can display Chinese caharacters in the emulator correctly.

    Does anybody can find suitable series 60 midp emulator for displaying Chinese character?

    Becuase someone said it is possible but I only found series 40 and cannot find any one for series 60.

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    Developer's hell(Our game looks like free)


    Does anybody know how to protect the MIDlet when MIDlet already downloaded into the mobile device.

    Think this MIDlet protectation issue without download server
    security mechanism. I saw...
  8. Any idea about limit the user to use MIDlet for one month.

    My plan is to creat a server to check the beginning time and using time to do this but how to identify the user? MIdlet cannot access the phone number or IMEI. Besides club members system, I have no...
  9. A internet connection problem in the network MIDlet I made for Nokia 7650.

    Dose anybody knows how to solve this connection problem?

    I had developed a MIDlet especially for Nokia 7650
    to connect with server. There...
  10. The Java heap number always climbing so fast in Nokia 7650 emulator.

    Dear Sir,

    I am developing MIDP games for Nokia mobile but I am wondering the limitation of real device. Is there anybody can tell me where can I found it? I can only find the experiment result of...
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    RE: Closing Applications on 9210


    just click the function button beside space button then move to the
    end of left side. You will see how many applicaiton you are using now
    in your Nokia 9210 and you also can close those...
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