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  1. Re: 第五版程序崩溃时未能显示堆栈的问题

    对,就是改那个设置里面的选项。另外,User 0 一般是ASSERT失败。
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    Re: c/s架构 server如何检测client崩溃

    当client退出时,无论client是否正常close session。 CServer2都会收到信息。相关的CSession2会被os自动close。这时你就能得到通知了。nokia的关于c/s的example程序中演示了关于server端session计数的逻辑。 这样当多个client连接到server时,server可以管理这些session。
  3. Re: 继承CCoeControl的类是在什么时候调用SizeChanged()函数的?

  4. Re: How to send variable-length buffer from IPC Server to IPC client?

    I thought RChunk is a good solution.
    I also think about other methods, however they all messy.
  5. Re: 关于 中文显示 中读取中文资源的问题----undefined identifier 'iCoeEnv'

    iCoeEnv is not a class member of CActive.

    You can try this : CCoeEnv::Static().

    If your app is a console application, there is no CCoeEnv. You should find other way.
  6. Re: How to distinguish the Apn error and socket error?

    Thanks for your help.

    But I used TCP socket type. such as RConnection, RSocket. Is there any similar APIs?
  7. Re: RWsSprite如何像qq那样点击以下图标就将程序拉到前台

    在AppUi中添加一个成员FloatIcon 继承自CCoeControl。


    RWindowGroup m_iMyWindowGroup = RWindowGroup(iCoeEnv->WsSession());...
  8. How to send variable-length buffer from IPC Server to IPC client?

    I use the IPC RSessionBase CServer2 method to implement a client App and a server App.
    They communicate with each other work well.

    But the API RSubSessionBase::SendReceive(TInt aFunction, const...
  9. How to distinguish the Apn error and socket error?

    How to distinguish the error reason when my client can not connected to my server.
    Because it maybe use wrong Apn, or the IP Address is wrong, or the server is shutdown.

    I want to distinguish...
  10. Re: How to get the client process UID from Server process

    Thanks yucca.
    I found another api can also do this work.
    Description: Return the Secure ID of the process which sent this message.
  11. Re: RWsSprite如何像qq那样点击以下图标就将程序拉到前台

  12. How to get the client process UID from Server process

    As the title. I write a App base on C/S architecture.

    I want to limit the access client process which can connect to the server. How can I get the client process uid from the server process.
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    Re: pkg file format "™" symbol does not work?

    the Line 10 is : #{"MyDemo"<153>},(0x2002FBCD),1,0,0

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    pkg file format "™" symbol does not work?

    I saw the below info from SDK docs. but I try it failed. The makesis always return:
    mydemo.pkg(10) : error: invalid UNICODE character value.

    I try to change the pkg file format to ANSI,...
  15. Re: RProcess.Create() return -5 KErrNotSupported

    Thanks wizard_hu_.

    I resolved this problem.

    The reason is:
    I write a DLL used by ServerApp1 and ServerApp2. But the DLL has used EPOCALLOWDLLDATA in mmp file.
    This cause the dll can only be...
  16. Re: RProcess.Create() return -5 KErrNotSupported

    I thought the arguments should be same when clientApp use it to launch ServerApp2 and ServerApp1 use it to launch ServerApp2.
    I checked the arguments (ServerName, ServerUid3, EOwnedProcess) .
  17. RProcess.Create() return -5 KErrNotSupported

    Hi guys:

    I write 3 Apps base on symbian CS architecture.
    ClientApp, ServerApp1, ServerApp2.

    The clientApp can use RProcess.Create() to launch ServerApp1 and ServerApp2.

    But the ServerApp1...
  18. Re: Dose Carbide support include mult- *.rss *.loc?

    "Label Not Found" means the definition of ARRAY can not be found.
    It is defined in badef.rh file.
    Make sure this file is included in the begin of *.rss file.
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    Re: make myapp.defi Error 255

    the rebuild is finished.
    I clean the project and build again, the problem is still exist.
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    make myapp.defi Error 255

    Hi All,
    I build myapp project in carbide C++ 1.1 professional, SDK_2nd_FP2_CW.
    The build Result is some warning and no error occured.
    but the project can't to run.
    The Console windows content is:...
  21. Dose Carbide support include mult- *.rss *.loc?

    Hi All,

    I am faced with a problem about import mmp file by carbide c++.
    I was plan to transfer my project from VC to Carbide C++ 1.1. I Have alrealy complete all my environment and construct the...
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