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  1. CSenServiceConnection SetStatus with status -1

    I am using CSenServiceConnection to send the xml request. But my SetStatus in some devices always called with status -1 which is KSenConnectionStatusCreateFailed. here is fragment of my code:
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    Re: disable pipeline for HTTP

    Any help out there?
  3. Re: problem with "Nokia phone browser"

    Sorry about the confusion. I should state the problem more clearly. Our antivirus app in device would detect the virus files been copied into device using copy/paste in window to the device folder....
  4. Re: problem with "Nokia phone browser"

    Which TFsMessage to use to get notified when a new file is copied via Nokia Phone Browser?
  5. problem with "Nokia phone browser"


    I am working on an anti-virus application. It will detects the virus file when the file is copied via the Windows folder when the device is connected via USB. But it failed to detect the same...
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    disable pipeline for HTTP

    Hi, All:

    I need to disable the pipeline for HTTP GET requests. I did the following:

    AddUserAgent(aTransaction, KBrandedUserAgent);

    RStringPool strP =...
  7. disable unintall via usb and bluetooth

    We are working on a security suite application. One feature is to lock the phone untill a unlock sms command comes. Now this works good. But we have a problem. Even with the phone is locked, the user...
  8. Re: MBrCtlLinkResolver::ResolveLinkL pass in incorrect URL for Symbian^3

    Never mind. I fount out where my bug is. Thanks!
  9. MBrCtlLinkResolver::ResolveLinkL pass in incorrect URL for Symbian^3

    I put the trace in the ResolveLinkL call as the following:
    TBool CServiceManager::ResolveLinkL(const TDesC& aUrl, const TDesC& aCurrentUrl,
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    Re: Browser Control

    Right. I will check! Thanks!
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    Browser Control


    I have a problem using browser control. When I access the outlook webmail, the display on the browser shows extra stuffs. I turned on the sniffing and got the following tcp dump:
  12. why the overflow, how can I avoid it

    Hi, All:

    I have the following code:

    TBuf<250> intBuf;

    //load hex UID into TUid
    TLex8 lex(intBuf);
  13. CCAlIter::FirstL() leaves on N8 Symbian^3

    Here is my code fragment:

    iCalSession = CCalSession::NewL();

    CCalIter* calIter = CCalIter::NewL(*iCalSession);
    TBuf8<25> iterUID;
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    Re: iphook6 incoming port() returns 0

    Anybody has any idea? Thanks!
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    iphook6 incoming port() returns 0


    I have been struggling it for days now.
    My CProtocolExain::ApplyL(RMBufHookPacket& aPacket, RMBufRecvInfo& aInfo) to get the incoming ip address and port works for symbian 5th, but not for...
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    tcpip.esk for Symbian^3

    How can I get tcpip.esk for Symbian^3? Is it different than the one for S60 3rd? We have the tcpip.esk for s60 3rd ed, but looks like it does not work for Symbian^3.
    Thanks a lot!
  17. Re: When will be N9 available on Nokia prototype device loaning services?

    Yes, I am the member. As a matter of fact, I am currently in the program and got the email that the device I loaned is about to expire. But cannot find the link to renew. Thanks!
  18. Re: When will be N9 available on Nokia prototype device loaning services?

    Yes, I am a member of NDP. I clicked your link, but still did not see the device load page. Where exactly it is?
  19. Re: When will be N9 available on Nokia prototype device loaning services?

    Where is the link to the page of prototype device loaning? I cannot find it. Thanks!
  20. Re: CSenServiceConnection handleError return -7372

    Yeh, I searched and did not find much valuable info. Anybody has any insight?
  21. CSenServiceConnection handleError return -7372


    I use CSenServiceConnection to send soap message to server. I use KWSIService
    set up connections:

    if(iLocalConnMethod == KWSIService) {
    CSenServicePattern* servicePattern;
  22. account verificlation in new symbiansigned

    I tried to verifiy our symbiansigned account using publisher id signed sis, but it says:
    This Publisher ID has been used to verify another account already. Please use another Publisher ID.

    We are...
  23. Re: Issues using 5th ed SDK on old FP1 devices?

    Thanks for the patronizing response. I understand what the difference is between 3rd and 5th and I understand forward/backward compatibility. I didn't ask WHY there was an issue installing on an...
  24. Issues using 5th ed SDK on old FP1 devices?

    Since the switch to the 5th ed SDK a few months back we have found a handful of FP1 devices that will no longer allow installation of the sis file (unable to install error). Mostly device released...
  25. [moved] Re: S60 3rd edition emulator has blank screen

    im getting this same error. FP2 v1.1 SDK. anyone know how to fix this?
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