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    Re: Which path for a beginner ?

    I will suggest you to learn Qt, as it has great future.
    Download Nokia Qt Sdk and start exploring it.
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    Re: Error in using QMediaPlayer

    It happens on simulator, but your code will work on device.
  3. Re: My own minimal OS for Java Mobile Phones

    Here is link for phone device on which you can deploy on various OS. Try yours
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    Re: QComboBox problem

    Yes, QComboBox looks bad on symbian and its choicelist popup even worse. I have to do some custom stuff (including button and dialogs) to make my application look and feel better.
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    Re: SBSv2 mifconv problem in Symbian^3 sdk

    I don't know what your error message is, but by default sbsv2 has problem creating mif files. This is due to sdk does not has some required templates.
    Visit this wiki link and step 6 is required...
  6. Re: Qt for Symbian native support for kinetic scrolling

    You seems to use master branch of kineticscroller. You must read header text on this page. http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/kineticscroller
    it says:

    Download/cloan solution branch.
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    Re: download S^3 PDK

    Visit this link.


    and read how you can obtain username and password for ftp site.
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    Re: QMessageBox buttonClicked signal

    msg.exec() is blocking call. No further statements will be excuted until it returns. msg.exec() will also return a int which tells you which button is clicked.
  9. Re: Qt for Symbian native support for kinetic scrolling

    I will be implemented in Qt 4.8. For older versions(4.6 , 4,7) it is available as a library. Get it from here http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/kineticscroller. There is a nice readme.txt inside that...
  10. Re: Combining a WRT Homescreen Widget and QT Fullscreen App

    This a line from symbian^3 sdk release notes
  11. Re: how to upload/send data to specific URL?

    Use HTTP libraries. You can find reference code from WebClient example from your sdk.
  12. Re: Making the delegate pattern use configurable

    So what's the problem? you can always change list delegate at any point, in response to user action or at any other event.
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    Re: Release build fails to compile

    Are you making release build for Symbian emulator?

    Release build for emulator makes no sense.
  14. Re: Making the delegate pattern use configurable

    What exactly you need?
    Separate delegate for each row?
  15. Re: QListView vs Symbian^3 lists behavior difference

    Hi thanks for reply.

    1. Yes i use custom models & delegates. But if i draw a line in delegate ,it will also be selected on selection highlighting. Which will looks really bad. I think it is a...
  16. Re: Making the delegate pattern use configurable

    You can make your delegate to render rich text and Set rich text on user's choice.
  17. QListView vs Symbian^3 lists behavior difference

    Hi All,

    First, sorry for lot of questions in one post.

    I want to make QListView look and behave exactly like Symbian^3 native lists. I have few problems

    1. Symbian^3 native lists has...
  18. Re: Strange behavior for binaries compiled with Qt 4.7.1

    You might check the configure options. Try to find the config options used by Opensuse for building stock Qt. And compile the new qt version with those options.

    Are you using intel display...
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    Re: Display widget as items in a QListView

    I have an old code from some forum. It is not mine, and never tested. I just kept it for reference. It is a delegate that draws widgets. It might be helpful for you.


  20. Re: Limit on the number of application downloads

    Did you mean number of downloads limited by express signing? If so, there is no such limit.
    You can use it until the signing expires which is i think more than 10 years.
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    Re: Conditional compiling on Qt Mobility

    Well you can install qt mobility on desktop sdk too. You need to compile from source to install in your sdk. Here is guide how to install in windoes desktop sdk.
  22. Re: Porting 5th edition SDK's application to N8 (Symbian^3 SDK)

    If you do not need Symbian^3 specific enhancements, than it is a good idea as it can save $$ for re-signing the app for publication. All things like kinetic scrolling in list etc. works by default.
  23. Re: Porting 5th edition SDK's application to N8 (Symbian^3 SDK)

    Yes you can use same sis(5th edition) to deploy on N8.
  24. Re: how can we debug symbian application on device.

    You need to install TRK on device and setup connection with carbide. There are some tutorials on internet. Here is one link from nokia wiki...
  25. Re: [moved] Error In Building project In qt creator.

    - sbs

    Build process try to start another process named sbs, and because sbs is not installed, it is unable to find sbs.
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