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  1. 6212 classic NFCIP-1 in target mode: using what mode at radio level?


    When 6212 is using NFCIP-1 in target mode, is the mode active or passive at the radio level? We have *an initiator* device with only active mode and can't connect to the phone. We have a doubt...
  2. Re: Nokia 6131 NFC (JSR 257) reader phone communication

    We got our PN531-device to exhange data with 6131 so P2P connection (NFCIP) works. 3220 didn't work because of that own protocol it uses.
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    6131 and Autolaunch


    My midlet starts from a tag but it gets no information. The user needs to touch the tag second time when the midlet is running to get info from the tag.

    I followed the example which came...
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