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  1. MIDP 2.0 -- When this will become available?

    Can some one from Nokia, PLEASE, tell us when MIDP 2.0 will be avilable and on what phones?

    Mansour Kavianpour
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    RE: Incoming call on the Nokia 3410

    If you write your app following the MIDP 1.0 MIDlet application life cycle model, you do not have to do anything. The MIDP platform itself detects the incoming call and put your app into the "paused"...
  3. RE: Can I implement raw socket on nokia 7650 ??

    MIDP 1.0 does NOT support Socket. It is palnned to be included in MIDP 2.0. But the Emulator version, in my case Forte for Java 4.0, ME (Mobile Edition), does support a working example using socket...
  4. 6310i -- Can it be used to stream audio files (music)?

    What kind of Audio player is avilable on 6310i?
    If there is any
    -- Does the Audio player provide any API where it can be used by a Java wrapper to control the player life cycle, i.e. start, resume,...
  5. Nokia Communicator, with its C++ Audio player for Symbian OS

    I have few questions about Communicator, with its C++ Audio player for Symbian OS.
    1- Can C++ player be invoked programmatically? May be from another C++ or Java program executing on the...
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    Audio Player

    Does any body know about availability of Java Audio player on any Nokia PDA or phone?
    Any response is greatly appreciated.

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