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    Re: Building Qt app with SQL

    OK found the problem. Turns out my app works fine when installed to C: on the Symbian device, and not when installed to any other drive.

    This is because my database file (which lives in my .sis's...
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    Building Qt app with SQL


    I have a Qt app which uses the QSql library to load a built-in database.

    I have added QT += sql to the .pro and all works fine for my local builds. However, I have now submitted my app to...
  3. Qt.openUrlExternally() sometimes works on Symbian^3 and sometimes not, why is this?

    I am having some difficulty with Qt.openUrlExternally on Symbian^3 (the N8). Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and I can't find any pattern to it.

    Another user seems to be having the same problem...
  4. Can’t use QtMobility.feedback QML API in Qt Creator 2.2.1


    I am trying to use the QtMobility.feedback ThemeEffects. I am including the following line in my QML file:

    import QtMobility.feedback 1.1

    And in my .pro:

    CONFIG += mobility
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    QML Text element with Text.AlignJustify


    I need to create a Text element with fully justified text. According to 4.7 Snapshot docs Text.AlignJustify is a valid value for Text.horizontalAlignment. But this does not appear in 4.7...
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    Re: ListView contentY problem

    This problem was solved by positioning the ListView using the positionViewAtIndex method. The ListView snaps to the index instantly instead of rendering all previous list items.
  7. Reading/writing WRT preferenceForKey values in another app


    I am looking for a way of communicating data between either two WRT apps, or a WRT app and a Symbian or Qt app.

    Is there any way to do this (other than over the network)?

  8. Re: Deploying Qt app on Symbian with dynamic library

    My plugin seems to be generating a DLL file correctly, and I've tried option 1 of the two you've mentioned. It builds OK but when I try to use it at runtime (it loads using QML) the...
  9. Re: Deploying Qt app on Symbian with dynamic library

    I wondered about that. Well, I can't figure out how to do it... bundling the static lib into my app works when building for the Qt Simulator on windows, but I get "recipe linkandpostlink" failures...
  10. Re: Deploying Qt app on Symbian with dynamic library

    Favoritas37, many thanks, sounds like you've experienced the same kind of problems I am now! What a man, thanks for the response.
  11. Deploying Qt app on Symbian with dynamic library


    I have some functionality within my app that needs to be deployed as a plugin (it's a QGeoServiceProviderFactory implementation for Qt Mobility).

    However, this plugin will be of no use to...
  12. Re: Building with a static map tiles plugin in QML

    Because I couldn't work out how to statically link it with my Qt application.

    My problem went away when changing

    LIBS += \QtWorkspace\MyMaps-build-simulator\debug\libMyMaps.a

    LIBS +=...
  13. Re: Building with a static map tiles plugin in QML

    Which plugin? The one I'm writing?

    I think I'm already doing that bit OK...

    Sorry I don't understand this part, how exactly do I do that?

  14. Building with a static map tiles plugin in QML


    I have created a custom map tiles engine in C++, which works well when compiled as a dynamic library and imported into a QML app on the simulator.

    I wish however to have it as a static...
  15. Re: Can’t run QML app when installed to Mass Storage

    To follow up on this:

    I have managed to get a basic app starting from the phone memory.

    However, the apps I'm writing use Qt Mobility, and the problems start when it is introduced. Any app...
  16. Can’t run QML app when installed to Mass Storage


    Whenever I install my QML apps to the Mass Storage of the N8, rather than the regular device storage, my app doesn't work - I get a black screen.

    Is there something I have to configure when...
  17. App freezes when unloading screen containing many components


    I've done a couple of QML apps now, and both contain screens which need a large number of components added to them at runtime.

    I add these components in a loop, using Qt.createComponent()...
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    ListView contentY problem


    In my QML app I have a ListView populated from a model. Each delegate in the ListView is a button which moves you to a new screen. I save the ListView’s contentY property so that when the user...
  19. CTelephony -- how to tell which call EVoiceLineStatusChanges correspond to


    Symbian newbie here so please be sympathetic!

    In my Symbian app I am listening for changes on voice calls using

    iTelephony->NotifyChange(iStatus, CTelephony::EVoiceLineStatusChange,...
  20. Problem with Qt Quick app reconnecting to network after disconnecting

    Hi all

    My app uses XMLHttpRequests within Javascript to connect to a web service.

    The problem we are having is that when the handset loses connectivity and then finds it again, we are unable...
  21. Re: Geocoding and reverse geocoding in Qt Mobility

    Perhaps I'm using the wrong Qt Mobility then. I'm listening for both finished and error signals, and neither are being fired...
  22. Maximum number of QGeoMapObjects within a Map?


    I am displaying a Map with several QGeoMapObjects within my application (MapImages in fact). Up to 200 or so works just fine, however beyond that (~1000) there is a large delay in loading all...
  23. Re: Geocoding and reverse geocoding in Qt Mobility

    Which examples are you referring to in particular? Can you provide any code? The following code displays "Found 0 places" for me.

    QStringList sl =...
  24. Geocoding and reverse geocoding in Qt Mobility


    I'm using the latest Qt Mobility in my app. QGeoServiceProvider::availableServiceProviders() returns one result - "nokia". This search provider returns true for both supportsGeocoding() and...
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