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  1. Re: Creating pages from code/using XAML pages as a template "class"

    Not sure I understand why your proposal is different/better than just spawning new pages and using the regular back stack.

    I mean, you can always create XAML in the code behind either manually or...
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    Re: Set time to load webservice

    Quite easy:

    var download = httpClient.GetStringAsync(uri);
    var delay = Task.Delay(Timespan.FromSeconds(15));
    var first = await Task.WhenAny(delay, download);

    if (first == delay)
    // this...
  3. Re: How to jnstall a XAP file already built or creatad into Windows phone emulato

    You cannot do that. Emulator is not a trusted machine and you cannot decrypt the encrypted XAPs you get from the marketplace. This is just basic security.
    You can always take screenshots on your...
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    Re: How to load a list?

    Well, if you have more than one list, how do you perform binding? By having a "ActiveList", you bind your XAML element to that list and you change its content from the helper lists.
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    Re: How to load a list?

    Use the following pattern for that:

    1. Create a property in your view model like this:

    ObservableCollection<ItemViewModel> ActiveList {get;set;}

    2. Initialize it in the constructor:
  6. Re: Windows Phone - Message Box with Hardware Back Navigation

    Don't use message box.

    If you really need to show persistent message and force user to login, create a new page with the text on the page containing the desired text. You can then do whatever you...
  7. Re: I'm getting an exception, system.windows.binding.path is set more than once

    You can try the following:

    <Grid x:Name="addrPanel">
    <TextBlock Text="{Binding addressList[0].other}" Foreground="Black"></TextBlock>

    And you cannot have two data contexts,...
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    Re: WritableBitmapEx alternatives

    I'll have to ask you again what you want to do. Without it, I really cannot help you with your problem.
    DirectX is powerful, but it is a complex beast and I am not sure if you are going to like it....
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    Re: WP App studio to VS Express

    If you know some basics, then you should have no trouble adjusting the XAML a bit. Do you have something specific which you are unable to find either by looking yourself or on the internet?
  10. Re: Anything else you would expect to be supported that isn't?

    Wow, this is a really nice list :)
    I can notice that giving at least a read-only access to a lots of stuff is a good start. Writing can always be dangerous, but the ability to enumerate stuff...
  11. Re: Congratulations to the winner(s) of the Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3

    I too have to brag :) http://sdrv.ms/13nRiy0

    Thank you Nokia. Looking forward to the new version of Imaging SDK.
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    Re: Error in textbox

    You need to create a view model class and set an instance of it as the data context for the given page. This will give you more information Windows Phone Data Binding.
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    Re: Share Content in WP8

    For sending an email, use the EmailComposeTask class.
    For sending an SMS, use the SmsComposeTask class.
    For sharing a text, link or a media on social networks, use ShareStatusTask, ShareLinkTask...
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    Re: Error in textbox

    Well, in your XAML you give your TextBox control a name:

    <TextBox x:Name="txtName" .../>

    and you refer to it from C# code behind like this:

    txtName.Text = "...";

    If you are using data...
  15. Re: How to get Temperature of Windows Phone Battery

    Unfortunately, as others have already said it, there simply is no such API and you are not able to get such low level access to the hardware. And it is not sure that Windows Phone devices have that...
  16. Re: Distinguishing published app from development version

    But that incurs an additional overhead. You want to differentiate them at a glance, either from name or an icon.
  17. Re: Distinguishing published app from development version

    Thanks. I hope to see your solution as well. It is a great chance to learn how to use pre/post build events :)
  18. Re: Distinguishing published app from development version

    I solved that with the following technique: Using different WMAppManifest files for release and debug builds.
  19. Re: How to creat Custom colored text in text block ?

    You would highlight only the parts you need highlighted.
  20. Re: How to creat Custom colored text in text block ?

    Well, you should redraw whenever search term changes anyway. You can either write event handlers, use multi binding (this isn't easy since it is not natively supported) or behaviors.
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    Re: Making a synchronous web request from UI thread.

    You can use async/await in Windows Phone 7.
    For Visual Studio 2010 use Async CTP Pack 3.
    For Visual Studio 2012 use Microsoft.Bcl.Async.
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    Re: Access call log / call history in Windows Phone

    I would allow access to at least one app - the one I write for myself.

    Security in sandbox is all nice and fine, but we do have permissions for that. Simply warn users and if they shoot themselves...
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    Re: Access call log / call history in Windows Phone

    There is no such thing in SDK. However, Nokia has Counters application which does something similar i.e. it can access SMS and call logs. Unfortunately, that API is not public and it appears it is...
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    Re: Read all music file bytes WP8

    theothernt is right, there is no way to either find out where the song is located in the filesystem nor get its byte stream.

    If you are using Windows Phone 8, then you can add your own songs to...
  25. Re: how to smoothly move object on accelerometer value change

    As far as I know, you will still get data even if you don't move your device. The sensor reports back in intervals, so you can safely use last 5 values.
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