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    Re: OpenFileEmbeddedL in FP2

    But JPEG images should be supported... Can't imagine they removed support for it for FP2 (and the files open fine from the file manager).
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    OpenFileEmbeddedL in FP2

    I'm trying to open a jpeg file with CDocumentHandler::OpenFileEmbeddedL in FP2, but only get an error saying that the file format is not supported (-12003 - KMimeNotSupported). It doesn't matter if I...
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    APS in applications for both MR and FP1

    I was wondering what the proper way to use Audio Proxy Server 2.31 in an application that should work on both S60 3rd MR and S60 3rd FP1 phones is.

    The versions in the two different plugin...
  4. Re: Drawing errors using an edwin and scroll bar

    That is basically what I'm doing, except I'm using a CEikEdwin instead of CEikRichTextEditor (don't need the extra features). I don't really see how CEikEdwin vs. CEikRichTextEditor would matter, but...
  5. Drawing errors using an edwin and scroll bar

    I'm having some problems adding a scrollbar to an CEikEdwin using CreateScrollBarFrameL() in a custom view. It shows up and works ok, but white blocks are painted in the background of the scrollbar,...
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    Limits in active objects?

    I'm having a strange problem with Active Objects in two different cases where they fail in the same way.

    In the first case, I'm using CMdaAudioOutputStream to output audio at a rate of 50 buffers...
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