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    Re: 5800 Application suggestion

    To switch automatic landscape/portrait mode:

    "Settings" -> "Phone" -> "Sensor settings" -> "Turning control" -> "Auto-rotate display"
  2. Re: CAknDialog / HandlePointerEventL / custom control

    Found a workaround:

    Base on the observation that CPictureDialog::HandlePointerEventL(...) only get called if i click on the status pane resulting in negative y values (aPointerEvent.iPosition.iY <...
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    Re: How to implement kinetic scrolling?

    The solution is simple, if you have a look at the following Android classes (and port it):

    Take a basic scroller class Scroller:...
  4. CAknDialog / HandlePointerEventL / custom control

    We try to catch a pointer event in our custom control (CCoeControl), which is owned by a modal(!) CAknDialog.
    Unluckly any examples using view-architecture [1] or doesnt have a modal dialog [2].
  5. CEikEdwin skinning missing in custom control (Container)

    A CEikEdwin doesnt correctly skin in a custom control - a CAknSingleStyleListBox does with the same code.
    Which part is missing?

    ##### CMyDialog class ######

    class CMyDialog : public...
  6. Bundle seperate application sis and data sis

    Due various reason (e.g. updates) we need to seperate our application from the data in two installation packages - e.g. like a eBook-reader application.

    Which is the best concept to...
  7. Beak CAknSelectionListDialog & CAknSearchField binding?

    I need to break up the input filter (finder) behavior for CAknSelectionListDialog and CAknSearchField.

    Normaly, any text entered in CAknSearchField filter all(!) of the CEikListBox entries with...
  8. Weird "Network communication failure." on express signing

    Express signing of one specific application fails on symbiansigned.com within the "Network communication failure" (4 times - different days)
    Unluckly the failure occurs at the end of the form entry...
  9. Re: (CERTIFICATION EXPIRED) 5800 xpressmusic

    There is a bug in the Nokia 5800 firmware:
    Pointer: www.newlc.com/en/nokia-5800-certificate-expired-firmware-bug
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