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    Re: Widgets & Cookies

    the widget could call a javascript function like


    but the cookies are deleted after exit because
  2. Re: wich dreamweaver version need for nokia wrt

    I installed it on a clean computer, without previous versions of Dreamweaver or some other IDE, but no buttons were added WRT.

    I try, I follow the steps, I do not like.
  3. Re: wich dreamweaver version need for nokia wrt

    I do not have other extensions installed, this is the first extension I used for any Adobe product.

    I still installed DW CS3, it is more familiar to me and I was more comfortable so I'd like to...
  4. Re: wich dreamweaver version need for nokia wrt

    mmm, I installed the dw cs4 version 10 built 4117 and the problem continues.
  5. wich dreamweaver version need for nokia wrt


    I have dreamweaver CS3 and CS4beta.
    When you install the plugin nokia WRT the Extension Manager says "Unable to add menu items to the exact location requested by the extension. Appear on...
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    Problemas Con Builderx

    some body can helpme??

    i`m a new programmer,

    i`m ussing a TBuf variable with text and i would like to use a uppercase funcion,but it makes some errors:

    TBuf<10> string1(_L("bye"));...
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    builder x problems

    hi, I`m a new symbian user and i have some problems,
    any body can help me????

    i want to change a label text, :

    char cadena[10] = "adios";
    iEikLabel1->SetTextL( _L( cadena ) );

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