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    Re: QML Camera issue

    Thanks for your advise mvuori.

    I sorry to make confuse of the title. Why I mention Camera and Video in a case because they both cause the issue I held above.

    The devices I use are N950, 3 of...
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    QML Camera issue

    Hello All,

    While I develop app for Meego, I can force the app to use openGL to accelerate the graphic including some code in a cpp file, but the code does not work for Symbian.

    My app plays...
  3. Re: Launching Camera in app Symbian^3 and Symbian^1 5th

    Done! It work! Thank you symbianyucca!
  4. Launching Camera in app Symbian^3 and Symbian^1 5th

    Hello All,

    I'm feeling depressed this few days in embedding camera function for my app. I'm trying to make it as a widget but not easy and not good looking. And now I'm looking for launching...
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