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  1. PhoneGap does not support Barcode, how much this factor effect Win apps?

    Hey all
    I have developed apps for iOS and Android platforms and currently trying hands on HTML5 (interested in Win apps)
    What I come to know few time back that PhoneGap does not provide support for...
  2. Re: Can anyone guide me on How to Develop HTML5 /Web Apps or Browser based apps?

    I haven't worked on Windows SDK yet, so I can not tell you exactly where to click for importing the Lib.
    Search for videos over YouTube for the process, there are bulk of them available.
    One more...
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    Re: Creating a Trial App with usage limit

    Congrats binu for your Lumia.. :)
  4. Re: Windows Phone 8 SDK is now available, with a but

    I have worked on number SDK for Android and iPhone application development (official and third party), currently trying my hands on HTML5.
    What I learn over these years is that whenever an upgrade...
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