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    Creating new html style help

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to find anything about the new HELP files format introduced in 3.2 but found nothing.
    All existing post about how to build help files relate to the old format from...
  2. Message Type Module (MTM) architecture with new email client on E75

    Hi all,

    I've noticed that on the new E75 (and possibly on other new E-Series devices) the native email client seem to be integrated into the MTM architecture but in fact it isn't.
    Well, it...
  3. How can I disable theme effects in my application in 3.2 onwards?

    Hi all,
    S60 3.2 introduced theme effects of sliding in/out, fading, sliding up popups, etc. screens.
    All these are nice, but they consume time, and for a time critical application it is a real...
  4. Re: VoIP overview on S60 platform Webinar -Dec. 13, 2007


    Is there any release yet for VAS API?
    Where can i get it?

    Is the plugin itself already installed on FP1 & FP2 devices?


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    Re: CAknRadioButtonSettingPage memory leak?

    To finally finish this thread, the memory leak (and possibly some other visual problems like skin problems on some devices that were not mentioned here) are caused by a missing ConstructL():
  6. Re: Problem: key event can not be switched to second display applications


    Did u manage to have non-custom controls (phone native controls like a message box, list box, etc) be drawn on the secondary screen correctly?
    I'm able to detect the clam...
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    Re: N90 secondary screen (flip closed)

    I've already tried that, and it doesn't draw on the small screen.
    I have an app which is triggered on voice call connect, and sends itself to foreground. But on the N76 my app isn't drawn on the...
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    Re: N90 secondary screen (flip closed)

    Did you manage to find out how to use the secondary screen?
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    Re: Muting a call


    Forgive me for the confusion, but are you talking about a different solution than sending keys to the phone application?
  10. Re: How to make sis file with embedded sis and Signsis resulted sis file?

    Actually the *, *, * is not the problem.
    The 3rd edition name for the platform has changed and it is now "S60ProductID" (not Series60ProductID).
    Correct platform dependency line for 3rd edition:...
  11. Re: Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition


    I've moved my files out of /System to /data but still backup doesn't work.
    Did u manage to have backup work for you? in what device?
  12. Re: Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition

    I've just discovered that backup doesn't work for other software on the device as well.
    I know for sure that a certain app on the memory card has the backup_registration.xml file, but when i tried...
  13. Problem supporting backup / restore on 3rd edition

    Hi all,
    After my messing arround trying to have my app support backup on s60 3rd edition rendered void, i decided to check it on the hello world app, and found that the simplest instructions in...
  14. Re: Problem with FILETEXT in PKG file for S60 3rd Edition

    Workaround for the locale file text displaying:
    IF Language=2
    "Readme1st_fr.txt" -"!:\system\apps\test\Readme1st.txt",FT,TC
    ELSEIF Language=3
  15. Re: Install pkg FILERUN and FILEMIME in 3rd edition

    What device are you using?
  16. Re: Install pkg FILERUN and FILEMIME in 3rd edition

    Am I all alone here?
    Did anybody get the same effect, or do I have some screwed up SDK tools, or mobile device (which is btw N91)???
  17. Re: Problem with FILETEXT in PKG file for S60 3rd Edition

    I stumbled on the same problem, did anybody find a solution for this?
  18. Install pkg FILERUN and FILEMIME in 3rd edition

    I was trying to use FILERUN and FILEMIME in 3rd edition SIS, and i noticed that they only work when the SIS is first installed (or installed after uninstall).
    When re-installed, FILERUN and...
  19. Re: help needed with ActivateLocalViewL(TUid::Uid(iTabGroup->TabIdFromIndex(aInd)));

    I would guess that you're constructing your container in the DoActivate, and if that is true, you can't call any function on it right after ActivateLocalViewL since it hasn't been given the chance to...
  20. Problems when changing text in edwin while in FEP transaction

    Put an edwin on a container of a view, and add a menu command that clears the text of the edwin.
    Now try editing the text and leave it in T9 (underlined), and select the menu command - BOOM,...
  21. Things I've already tried

    1. Setting values in SetAudioDeviceMode()
    2. Creating the CMdaAudioRecorderUtility after/before the call is established
    3. Setting volume and gain to 0 and other values (doesn't have any effect at...
  22. How to prevent loud speaker from playing while in call in 6600?

    I want to play a wave file while in a call, and the played wave file is heard both on the other side of the line, and on the local loud speaker.
    You'd expect it to be heard only on the ear speaker -...
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    Opening com ports in MIDP 2.0

    Is it possible to open a com port in MIDP 2.0 on series 60.
    the "microedition.commports" property returns 0,1 (i.e. com0, com1), but when I'm trying to open either com ports, I get an error:...
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    Recording in MIDP 2.0

    Is it possible to use the javax.microedition.media package to record or capture sound in the series 60, or is there another way to do so ?
    I'm asking because...
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    How can I mute on/off

    Is there a way to turn on/off the microphone mute on the 7650 ?
    Any API call or even AT-command.
    According to a PDF i found, the AT+CMUT command which is supported by many phones, is not supported...
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