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  1. Re: QwebView problem on symbian device

    You probably need to add network capability to your .pro file, something like this:
    TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices
  2. Re: Pan and swipe gesture on N8 device

    Now I've actually managed to get the pan gesture to trigger by sliding two fingers across the screen simultaneously. Is that how it should be? It says nothing about that in the documentation.

  3. Pan and swipe gesture on N8 device


    I've been trying to implement gestures in Qt. I've understood from reading forums that the gestures does not work on Windows or Linux desktops (which is stupid according to me since it makes...
  4. Re: No gcce targets when starting Qt Gui project in Carbide...

    This is exactly the case for us too. We have tried it on two different computers and both of them leave out the gcce option in Carbide, both when importing .pro files and when creating a new Qt...
  5. Re: publishing to Ovi: Webinar on April 9th

    Where can I find the answers to the Q&A section of the webinar?? It was said that they would be published as well?
  6. Carbide default project requires ReadDeviceData capabilities

    Hi there

    I've found a some strange behaviour in Carbide.

    If you create a Symbian OS C++ Project with the S60 GUI Application template in Carbide 2.0 the project Carbide generates always seems...
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