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    Re: DSS cannot streaming .3gp files, for help.

    Hi friends
    i hope this thread still alive..
    I got same problem even my 3gp file play only audio not video after hinting by MP4Box convertre.
    Plz help me
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    How to hint 3gp file using quick time?

    Hi friend.
    I installed darwin streaming server on my system.Its working well on my pc.
    The given sample file stream very well. But when i try to stream my own file "my.3gp" from movies folder .
  3. can we create message reader in j2me?plz its urgent

    hi friends ...
    i m gonna develope text to speech application into the j2me...
    so anybody know is it possible in j2me?
    if it is possible then how can i start.
    is there any code or related url..plz...
  4. Mobile Brwoser not support marathi,gujrathi and other indian languages ?

    I m accessing one indian language site on my nokia 6600 mobile phones the site contains some indian language......but nokia 6600 not showing marathi or any other indial language..wt shoud i do.........
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    Vcard Support Mobile Phones

    Hi Friends..

    I want Know Vcard Support mobile phone list.If anyone know so plz send me its urgent...
    or any url related share with me...
    Thanks And Regards..
    shri K
  6. Problem regarding Project vcard file store and retreive......?

    Hi Friends..

    I m new in this field.friend i got one small project based on vcard.I want start this project but i really dont know how to start project.My basic requirement is like this
  7. Re: Help Regarding mobile web page development.....?

    hi friends

    I want to develop web pages sitting on my phone, which can be accessed by other phones or PCs (through Nokia's Mobile Web Server).
  8. Help Regarding mobile web page development.....?

    Hi friends..
    I m new in this field.I want learn web page development on mobile.
    so plz tell me what are the resources means IDE or nay software required for that and what language needed to...
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    is unicode support Nokia N96 mobile?

    hi friends..

    is unicode support Nokia N96 mobile?
    plz help me its urgent..
    or any related url which i can find which mobile support unicode...
    thnks in advance
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    Re: how to develope web page on mobile...?

    hi honest can u send any related url..
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    how to develope web page on mobile...?

    hi friends..
    i have got project to develope web pages for mobile..
    but i dont know anything about wap for mobile means i dont know how to develop web pages for mobile..
    anyone to what basic...
  12. Re: which mobies support flash lite.............?.

    thanks rajat...
    really helpful url for me..
    thakd once agin
  13. which mobies support flash lite.............?.

    can anyone tell me which mobiles support flash lite...
    means can i ply .swf files in mobile phones..
    plz help me its urgent..or any related link so plz forword it...
    thankx in advance.......
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    suggest for buy nokia mobile phones

    hi friends...
    can anyone suggest me what is best mobile in nokia in the renge of upto 30000/-indian currency for deploying mobile application with great features..
    plz its urgent..tell any four...
  15. Re: regarding j2me recordstore application.........

    means i m develope this application visual studio dot net for mobile..
    to create webpages for this application..
  16. Re: regarding j2me recordstore application.........

    actually i m developing english dictionary......
    i have simple textbox and one search button ..i m entering any word in d textbox when i m selecting search button it will display meaning of that...
  17. regarding j2me recordstore application.........

    hi friends.........
    i m new in j2me field...
    i got assignment to develop english dictionary.......
    but i m confuse how to add 200 words ....
    or how to handle database ..plz anyone help me how to...
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    how to handle event on ticker in j2me

    hi friends i m new in this field.......
    i got assignement ticker handle.....
    if i m creating ticker suppose that ticker is "click me(to show form)" on that ticker i want display form..
    so plz...
  19. How to show image on click any event......plz urgent

    hi sir.......
    i m new in this field...
    i got assignment to show on menu event like menu option image...
    when i selct image option i want show anyimage on emulater...
    plz tell how can i add this.....
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    hi sir uregent.............

    hi sir i m new symbian development...
    i execute one hello world basic application in microsoft vc++...
    after debug i got this

    errorNMAKE : fatal error U1052: file...
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    Currency Conversion

    hello sir,
    i m developing application on Wince platform for the conversion of doller to ruppes so plz send me the code for this application.
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