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  1. How easy is it to add QML Templates using QT Quick?


    Does anyone know how to implement QML Templates into a QT Quick application? Is this fairly easy to do?

    Many thanks,

  2. Will symbian 3 will be ever available for nokia x6?

    As Symbian had become open source last year,and that when the Nokia x6 was released, its specifications are quite powerful.

    But wouldn't the software would be even better under the name of...
  3. Re: a difference between simulator result and the device result on n8

    I heard that there is a static file to which you can use to generate the GPS paths for the GPS emulation.
  4. Nokia Launchpad Program

    Anyone heard back from the Nokia Launchpad program which I recently applied to? if so, how long did it take to get a reply back, many thanks.
  5. Nokia Gaming Night near Picadilly Circus on Thursday 14 April 2011

    Hi guys, there's a Nokia Gaming night with plenty of prizes up for grabs if in London on 14 April 2011 7pm-10pm near Picadilly Circus.

    See the link...
  6. Re: QT becomes bigger with it becoming multiplatform on Android aswell as Symbian

    Thanks for letting me know!! It seems really simple with these Plugin tools necessitas that are added on top of Eclipse! I found coding in Java to be slightly cumbersome nowadays, so QT can be a much...
  7. QT becomes bigger with it becoming multiplatform on Android aswell as Symbian

    The power of Qt as a leveller – develop/port apps on Qt and have them on all Qt enabled devices. Be they running on Maemo, MeeGo, Symbian or Android (Also on any other device that can run Qt).
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