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    Re: device freeze problem

    my application includes a wifi scanner process. the process uses RConnectionMonitor::GetPckgAttribute ( ) periodically (every 60 seconds) to retreive a list of wireless networks detected in the air.
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    device freeze problem

    I am facing the nastiest of all bugs I have ever had to deal with - my application includes a few backround processes, and an average time of 10 hours after installing it, we find the device (Nokia...
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    problem with dialnewcall

    my app uses CTelephony::DialNewCall to make a voice call. problem is, on Nokia 5800, it often occurs that even though the call is placed (the other side rings and I can answer on the other side and...
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    not getting SIP events


    my application registers a SIP profile using the CSIPProfileRegistry API. the profile gets registered succesfully. My problem is I expected to get notifications for activities going on with...
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    feasibility questions

    I saw a few features in an E71 application made by Nokia, and I was wondering if some of the features I saw are available to non Nokia folks like me:

    1. on the E71 standby screen (center screen)...
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    Re: hide exe from device menu

    Thanks ! works like a charm
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    hide exe from device menu

    hi all,

    I include an executable in my package which I do not want added to the device menu.
    to be clear - my sis package includes 2 executables both of which are view based applications, but I...
  8. Re: dial internet (voip) call programatically

    Thanks, it looks like the AIW Service Handler API is more apropriate for this purpose.


    does anyone know how I...
  9. dial internet (voip) call programatically

    is there an API to dial internet (voip) call programatically ?
  10. Re: Showing recent calls for number selection

    Thanks Skumar_rao

    The article you pointed me to explains how to launch a view of the log application, but I am afraid that might not be enough because I need to get back to my application the...
  11. Showing recent calls for number selection

    Does anyone know if there is a simple API for invoking the native recent calls application from within my applications to let the user choose a number from the recent calls ?
  12. Re: CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem - responding to selection change

    just found the answer to my own question 1 minute after posting it.
    The method to override is CAknSettingItemList::SaveSettingValuesL
  13. CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem - responding to selection change

    I would like to implement UI just like the browser's access points setting. a CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem setting item with 2 values - User defined and Always ask.
    When the user opens the...
  14. Re: remote debugging a console applications

    now I can debug, but it looks like the symbols are wrong - it is stepping through lines without logic, as if it is not really in the lines I see in the debugger.
    what is to be done in such cases ?
  15. Re: remote debugging a console applications

    Thanks, solved the problem. you are a life savior.
    where are you from ?
  16. remote debugging a console applications

    I cannot configure carbide to remote debug a console application.
    I use carbide's wizard to create a symbian console application. I then go to the debug perspective and create a new debug...
  17. Re: "certificate error contact the application supplier"

    here is a link you might find useful
  18. application for capturing video clips and uploading them to an HTTP server

    hi folks,

    I need to develop a S603rd application that captures video clips (when the user invokes a command in the application) and uploads the clips to an HTTP server.

    Can someone give me some...
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    Re: http cookie problem


    I have been trying to solve this for 2 days straight now with no success. I know cookies are HTTP headers, and I return to the google server exactly the cookies I am given, but for...
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    http cookie problem

    hi all,

    developing S60 3rd on N95.

    I am implementing a client to some google services. the client attempts to sign into google by posting to the following address...
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    http and cookies

    I am implementing an http client taht is supposed to log into google services, which require cookies to be enabled.

    I am using class RHTTPTransaction

    The problem is I get an error from google...
  22. note with customized softkey text

    when you use the famous bestTaskMan task manager application - each time you open it, you see a note that says "x days left for your trial" with "Try" and "Register" on the left and right soft key....
  23. How important is it to build using the correct SDK

    I use the S603rd FP2 SDK to build for all of my target production devices, be they S603rd first release, FP1 or FP2
    Is this a potential for problems ? Is it important to build using the exact SDK ?
  24. what can cause a device to reset (E71)

    Is there a general rule on what code violations can cause a symbian phone to reset ?
    specifically, I have an issue with a production application on an E71 that cause spontanious device restarts.
  25. Re: Auto Startup Application Signing!

    I take back my last post. the code was missing the .Resume call
    everything is OK
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