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  1. Re: How to do (back & forward) like website in flash lite?

    Hi issanasr13,

    What timeline have you written the code on? This will determine what path you need to use to load the 'pages'. I suggest placing all your code on the _root timeline in frame 1.
  2. Re: How to do (back & forward) like website in flash lite?

    Hi issanasr13,

    The way I would do it is to set up an array of names for your pages, then increase and decrease a page number variable with a Left and Right key press, which will reference the...
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    Re: as3 to flash lite


    You are correct, Flash Lite 2.x/3.0 uses a sub-set of Flash 8 code and can support AS2.

    What does your code do? This will help to understand if its possible to convert to Flash Lite, as...
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    Re: Some flashlite screensavers

    Hi metRo_,

    Screensavers with battery or signal information on them are a great idea, but Im not a big fan of UI copies. How about coming up with your own ideas for a battery? It doesnt even have...
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    Re: fscommand2 problem

    Hi pettan2,

    Very strange, SetSoftKeys should always work on the Nokia N95. You could try returning the status of the fscommand2:

    status = fscommand2("SetSoftKeys", "Hem", "Paus");...
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    Re: Flash and web services

    Hi Jean-philippe,

    You dont need to add a root node to your XML, the code below seems to work fine (obviously replace the XML string with your web service reply):

    var xml:XML = new...
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