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  1. Re: [announce] cenrep 1.3.0 module for 3rd : call log duration and incall volume !

    when I try to install the unsigned version on my N95 (just reflashed) I get an error saying "Required applicaton access not granted!" - even though it does not ask for permission etc... and so...
  2. Re: How to answer incoming call? telephone.answer not working

    Hi - no idea if this still requires an answer :-)
    but I just added some sleeps around the answer and it seems to work fine - maybe was trying to answer too quick ?

    else: print "call...
  3. Re: [announce] aXYZ 1.0.0 using XYZ axes of the N95 accelerometer !

    Small app to plot xyz on N95

    import e32
    import axyz
    import appuifw
    import sysinfo
    from graphics import *

    screen_x, screen_y = sysinfo.display_pixels()
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