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    Re: Fast Application Switching

    there is a presentation about FAS on channel9 that maybe useful, below is the file name.
    DVC09-HD_Fast Application Switching
  2. which "Mango" thread BackgroundWorker use ?

    Hi there,

    I have a question about which thread the backgroundWorker use?
    I found few documents and forms where they mention that it creates a new thread and run it.
    Is this valid also for WP...
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    Re: Need Some Help to start

    Hi, currently you can use yalla-apps website to publish your application until Microsoft expand their App-hub.
    to unlock your phone and start testing your application on it you can go to...
  4. Re: WP back button vs OnNavigatedTo method

    Thanks for the feedback,
    answering your question: Why do you set it to s1 on Page1 OnNavigatedTo?
    there are some controls like textboxes and toggleswitches which I have to save its state so that...
  5. WP back button vs OnNavigatedTo method

    Hi there,

    I have a question regarding WP back Button behavior, below is the problem:
    Suppose that I have two pages (page1 and page2), page1 have OnNavigatedTo method which
    will fire when going...
  6. Re: How to close a Silverlight application programatically ?

    I didn't try yet , but maybe calling NavigationService.GoBack() on the mainpage after removing all the navigation history will close the running app.

    Just checked. It didn't work.
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    Re: Maps API will be supported on devices running Mango

    Hi all,

    Currently I'm developing a WP7 app using Bing maps API, I want to shift to Nokia maps but before diving deep I want to clarify the following point.
    Which maps API is going to be used in...
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