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  1. Re: Required application access not granted error while installing sis file

    Hi all!

    I really need some help on this...

    I have an application with the following Capabilities:

    CAPABILITY NetworkServices ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData ReadUserData WriteUserData...
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    Re: Install a new version of an application

    Hi again
    I've been working on but I still have problems installing the .SISX (same UID than the one that has downloaded the new version).
    The application exits when I try to install the .SISX
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    Install a new version of an application

    Hi all,
    I need to install a new version of an application.

    I will explain the use case:

    1. The old application shows a message "update available, download the last version"
    2. after...
  4. Re: uninstall application previous-installed version

    Could you please mention how you modified your PKG to achieve the result?
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